Nuno Felted Shawl Sample A Different Way

Before Christmas, I had purchased a few Russian online classes from Felting School Online. The classes are translated to English and you pay in US Dollars.  I purchased the Scarf in nuno felting technique by Svetlana Vronskaja as it was on offer at the time.  Having watched the tutorial a couple of times, I decided to apply the technique to a triangle as I mostly have strips of silk chiffon.  The layout and felting technique is slightly different than to my previous nuno felted striped scarf below.


I am not going to go into the details of the class, but you do learn a lot about fabric and techniques for using it.  There is also a bonus color theory video and another on how to felt a flower directly onto the scarf.  In the video, the focus is on a long scarf.  I made something smaller instead as a few of the techniques were new to me and I don’t have large pieces of fabric to work with.

IMG_0369This is what I ended up with.  

IMG_0374This is the reverse side.  I hand carded a blend of viscose fibers and laid them in the cloud layout.  It is actually very shiny.  This wasn’t part of the actual tutorial, although Svetlana showed some examples with the viscose on the back.


Here is a close-up of some detail.  I used a variety of silk in ways I never did before.  I made ridges and ruffles.  I didn’t have room for roses or other techniques, otherwise I would have added those too.  I used Margilan silk sparse and Margilan silk gauze that I hand dyed.  The gauze was a botanically printed piece that I wasn’t too happy with, but it felted really well and the design held up.  I used sari silk fibers in-between each stripe.  More wool was used in this piece than in the scarf at the top of the page but it is still very thin.  I also learned something about this sample for next time. 

Firstly, I will use the cloud layout instead of herringbone for a piece this size as the extra wool didn’t give me the shrinkage on the long edge that I wanted.  I have a bit over 10cm more than I need in width and I can’t reduce it without affecting the silk.  

Secondly, any ridges and frills and other embellishments need to be closer to the center of the piece if making another triangle for them to work well.

I really like all the textures and colors in this scarf, however, it does not sit well on the shoulders as it is too wide at the top.  So, I cut it in half to make two scarves.  Yikes!

Downloads-002Here is one above and another below.  You can wear it many ways and can pull either end through the loop.


By cutting the scarf in half, not only do I get two lovely neck warmers, but the placement of the ruffles and ridges are better placed.  I also like how the stripes are now on the diagonal. I think that many people are afraid to cut their work, but I have done it a few times now and it has worked so far.  If it doesn’t work, then I learned another lesson and nothing will get wasted. 🙂

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