Fine Felted Scarf in Blue


Here is my latest scarf.  I made it a bit differently from the pink one I made earlier.  I used less merino wool and a little bit more viscose.  I found that in trying to get the shrinkage on the pink one, I ended up with a little bit of migration of the wool through the viscose, so I used less wool this time.  It also helps not to notice migration if you use the same color viscose as wool.  I have been using wool and viscose from DHG in the same colors.  For this blue scarf I used a blue wool with matching viscose and some sari silk fibers on top.  The other side is a turquoise viscose.  Unfortunately the camera doesn’t pick up how green it really is.  Although the colors contrast, they are close enough not to matter.  What matters is that the wool and viscose are close enough in color when using this laminating technique.


In this pink scarf, I used lavender wool with lavender viscose (the pale side) and a light pink with sari silk fibers on the other side.  Unless you look really closely, you can’t see the migration.  I managed to catch it before the wool ate the viscose up.  It is also less visible once the piece dried.

The first time trying something new is always a learning curve and why I like to make two of something.  This blue scarf is also a little bit larger than the first one.  Because I used less wool and more viscose, it wasn’t necessary to shrink it smaller as it is now well felted.  It is also soft and very shiny.  One of the nice things about making these scarves is that there is no rolling involved.  The layout is the cloud layout which makes a very nice fine cobweb and is very flexible.  Another focus of the tutorial was to make nice straight edges.  It does take some practice, but having nice, neat and straight edges give a more professional look to the work.  Once you have mastered this technique, you can apply it to most anything.  I have some ideas!

The lovely thing about a triangle scarf is that it can be worn in different ways.  This one is also large enough to be used as a head covering or snood.

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  1. I especially like the blue one, the colours are so rich. It’s minus 5 today and on our dog walk I’m already thinking I need something that covers my cheeks as the wind is still colder than the air temp. I think you’ve mastered straight edges now.

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