Wet Felted Face Covering Scarf

I am still watching Russian videos and a new one recently popped up showing how to make a scarf that can cover your face.  The tutorial is by Oksana Tkachenko and Natalia Kondrashova.  You can start viewing the tutorial at 19:04, but I actually like to watch the videos from the beginning to the end as you get information you might need.

Here is my version.


I used viscose, merino wool, viscose and sari silk fibers.  The focus for me was to make the nice straight edges which they teach you how to do.  My template is slightly larger as my intention was not to make the holes for the ears, just a scarf.  However, I succumbed and made them at the end.  I have a small head and little ears, so I thought it would be easiest to do it that way.  To be fair, I am not crazy about the earholes, but you can still breathe with this scarf over your face as it is very thin and light.  It is not meant to be worn instead of a mask, but will do if you don’t have one handy.  Also, they do mention that in the video if you watch the whole thing.  It can also be used to keep your face warm when out in the cold, which it can be in the Soviet Union.  I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I have already started another one in blue!

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