Another ‘Alternative Fur’ Scarf and Brooches


Here is my first alternative fur scarf.  I love it so much that I decided to make another one.  However, it did take me ages using the crochet hook.  So, I order a punch needle tool from a supplier on Etsy.  You can use it with chunky or super chunky yarns.

IMG_0316It certainly made making the second one a lot easier.

IMG_0317I had more of the same type of yarn, but in a different colorway.  I made it the same as before, but I did use a little bit less as I spaced them out more.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I purchased some fabric covered hooks that I will use as a clasp.  This way I don’t need to cut an opening.

After I prepared this scarf, I made some samples with different yarns to see how they would felt up in different loop sizes and backings.


I used the same yarns I used on the scarves.  On the multi-colored pink, I used Shetland prefelt for the backing and for the multi-colored blue I used a blue prefelt I made previously.  The bright pink homespun I made on the spindle on merino prefelt, and the blue twisted yarn is a 100% wool yarn on Shetland prefelt.  The natural color is natural white super chunky merino from World of Wool.  I believe that is what Katerina Korshun may have used in her video.  It is more like pencil roving but with a single twist.

I like the way my blue pre-felt and the Shetland pre-felt felted up.  All the pre-felts felted quickly and firmly.  I will be more inclined to purchase the Shetland prefelt again as it is quite cheap and is great for projects like this.  I wouldn’t wear it against my neck though as it is a little scratchy.  However, I think it would also make a good base for wet felted paintings.  This is a good way of seeing how the yarns felt and working out different lengths.  I don’t know why, but the yarn I purchased from Uruguay is very soft and fluffy after making this scarf and brooches, while all the other yarns are a bit stiff.  The label says it is 100% merino.  Apparently from a website that sells this wool, it is superwash, although I couldn’t find anything on the label saying so.  There was no issue with it when I felted the scarf, so the wool may have just really anchored it well.  I don’t know, it is a conundrum.  In any event, I will be looking out for more of this once the shops re-open.  I just love it!  But it is really expensive, so I need to wait for a sale!  The blue yarn with a twist is most like the yarn on the ball and is 100% wool.   Both the merino yarns felted up crinkly and stiff.  I will try the natural white again, but with longer loops.  The nice thing about using the natural merino is that it can be dyed.

I have some other yarns that I will make samples with.  It is certainly a good way of using up leftover yarn and you get a nice little brooch too!