Bark Themed Neck Warmers

I finally finished the brooches for my bark themed neck collars.  I usually make a bit of pre-felt the same time I make my scarves, but this time I wasn’t in the mood to make brooches.  I focused on other things instead.  I made these two just before Christmas 2020.

Downloads-001The scarves have hand carded wool on one side and hand carded viscose on the other side.Downloads-002

The wool side is very soft and the viscose side has a lot of texture and shine.  They are very light, so can be worn all day long.  The brooches have vintage buttons from my stash or can be worn with a scarf pin.  I made them so men or women can wear them.  

I am quite pleased with how they look.  I probably will not wait so long next time to complete brooches.  Or I may not make brooches at all!  I have been looking at alternative ways of closing scarves and the French scarf is a good start.  So, now I have a themed set.

I need to re-trick the brown hat. It does look better on a person than the head form though.

I am happy these are finished now.  Onto the next thing!

2 thoughts on “Bark Themed Neck Warmers

    1. Thank you! Yes, I am a big fan of the smaller scarves and cravats! You don’t have to worry about them getting caught up in things. 🙂


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