2020 – A Year Of Wet Felted Art And Other Things

Misc Felting 2020I made six pieces of art.  Only three of these are intentional art pieces.  The two on the right are experiments inspired by Lizzie Houghton.  The one on the lower left corner was a scarf that went wrong that I turned into an art piece with the help of the embellishing machine.  I really like the seascape in the middle and the seascape on the left over the bed.

IMG_6323I made this lantern from a tutorial by RuFelt Online.  This was the most interesting thing I have made in a long time.  However, it was a useful exercise for future products.

Misc Felting 2020-001

The mini-me came about from a tutorial in a book by Jorie Johnson for making felted dolls.  The one of the hubs actually looks more like him.  These are not as easy to do as it seems, but there is a huge sense of achievement upon completion.

Misc Felting 2020-002These are the only two Christmas makes I made.  I made the template much larger with a view to making it into either a snowman or a Santa.  It was a lot of hard work. I made nine Christmas stockings as gifts to family and friends.  These were really fun to make and everyone seemed to be happy with them.  I shall probably make more of these to sell in 2021.

IMG_0125I made nine tumble dryer balls.  The Felting and Fiber Studio blog has a post on how to make these with leftover felt.  I used leftover felt and needle felted core wool over that to create a ball and the washed them in the washing machine and finished them off in the tumble dryer.  I am currently using two in my tumble dryer.  The rest of these will be turned into Christmas ornaments at some point.

Wet felted bags and accessories

I have pretty much stopped making vessels as I have nowhere to store them and people don’t seem to want to purchase them online.  I think it is something you need to see and feel to appreciate.  However, I did manage to make three pods for the garden just for decorative purposes.  I would be surprised if anything decides to make a home in one of them.  The vessel was a repurposed beret that I over felted.  It was my first try at making a hat.  It makes a better vessel as it is actually getting used.  I store the remote controls and my glasses in it.

So, that was a year of makes and what a year it was.  It wasn’t great for me on a financial level, but I did learn so much and that is worth a lot to me.  I hope 2021 finds everyone healthy, happy and creative.  All the best.

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  1. I was thinking in spring you could pop some dog hair in there for birds to come and get some nice bedding for their nests. I put our dog hair in a fat ball holder and the blue and grey tits empty it every day.


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