2020 – A Year Of Bags And Accessories

Wet felted bags and accessories-002I can’t tell you how many brooches I have made.  Too many.  I made loads for a craft fair that got cancelled.  I thought it would be a good idea to have small, inexpensive items for sale.  I also make a brooch to go with scarves, so there are even more.

Wet felted bags and accessories-003I only made 7 bags, three of which were experiments.  The red bag was originally a cozy, then a hat and finally a bag.  I really like the little shoulder bags and will probably make some more.  All of these bags have improved my rope making skills!

Wet felted bags and accessories-004I made six pairs of handwarmers and mittens.  I love how they are thin and flexible, yet strong and warm.  I shall be making more of these.

Wet felted bags and accessories-005I made 9 sets of coasters and two sets of placements.  The coaster and placemat sets were Christmas presents for my twins.  As well as being a good way to use leftover roving, they are very practical items.

Wet felted bags and accessories-006I managed to make four pairs of wearable slippers.  However, the slipper socks with soles are the only ones that actually fit the hubs and me.  We both have narrow feet.  The slipper sock came from a tutorial by RuFelt Online.  This will be my go to method as it is the most accurate. 

IMG_6850This is how they are meant to be worn, but as we have dogs and the hair and dirt gets everywhere, I converted them to slippers.  They are thinner than normal slippers, but still very warm.  Now that I have my daughter’s foot template, I will be able to make her a pair, but I shall add an extra layer of wool to make them even more sturdy.  Joe’s Toes make felt soles with rubber on them for anti slip.  My husband wears his all of the time now.

2020-07-20 14.16.37I made six (one not shown) eyeglass cases and one coin purse.  These were inspired from a tutorial by Sally Gulbrandsen with the flex frames, though I made mine a bit differently.  I sold the pink one with three buttons and two were Christmas gifts.  I am using the bottom middle one for myself as I can put a pair of my glasses in them.  It has a smaller flex frame than the ones on top, so it would be more difficult to put sunglasses in them.  I might use the smaller flex frames to make pencil cases next time.  These cases can hold a phone or glasses, cosmetics, or even personal hygiene items.

Wet felted bags and accessories-007And lastly, I made some wrist cuffs.  There was a tutorial in Felt Magazine for the ones on the left.  I made two of these and sold one.  Although not really my thing, they look pretty on and are more comfortable than wearing bracelets, which I don’t normally do as they irritate me when I am typing on the computer.   These don’t bother me as they are soft.  I also repurposed two nuno felted neck cowls that I was unhappy with.  I made wrist warmers and brooches out of them.  I sold a few of these also.  It was the first time I used the buttonhole feature on my sewing machine. 🙂



7 thoughts on “2020 – A Year Of Bags And Accessories

    1. Thank you and yes, lockdown was good for me in that way. I had to make the most of it in case some work came up.


    1. Thank you and yes I did learn a lot and that is the key to making loads of things and trying new methods for making them. I also tried new fibers that I probably won’t use again, but it is all a learning experience. 🙂


  1. You mentioned not having enough light to work by in the winter months…I forget which post I had come across your comment. I have bought a couple of led lamps. One is a floor lamp which has an adjustable arm so you can put it right over your work space. Another is a desk lamp that also has an adjustable arm, and the coolest part is there are many tone and brightness adjustments. They are both the best lamps I have come across for doing artwork. The desk lap is made by TaoTronics that I bought on Amazon. The other I bought from Home Depot, though I notice now there is also a floor lamp by TaoTronics. For me these have been an excellent investment!

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    1. Yes, my eyes don’t work as well as they used to and I find that when it is dull and grey, I have to wear my glasses more often as everything looks blurry. Quite good when painting art though! 🙂 I now have a daylight bulb in the dining room and that helps brighten the room a lot. Plus I have a smaller table lamp with daylight bulb I purchased on Amazon when I am painting or making small things. Life isn’t always kind, so we have to do the best we can!


      1. Yes, me too! I have to use glasses all the time now, even to read my text message on my phone! What we took for granted ehh? The led lamps I mentioned work so well for doing fine close up work as you can direct the light and select the hue of light, which I find really useful! Am loving seeing all of your projects! Keep it up!

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