2020 – A Year Of Scarves

Wet Felted Scarves and Neck Warmers 2020I made approximately 49 scarves in 2020.  Two are not shown as I still need to finish the brooches for them before taking photos.  Because of lockdown, I was able to spend a lot of time felting, which I did nearly every day.  I call 2020 my year for learning as I took a few online classes to learn new techniques.  I also read books.  I learned about the different ways of making lace;  from grids, rings cobweb, etc.  I learned about different ways to make edges on scarves for added interest.  One of my favorite makes were the ruffled scarves.  They are so glamorous.  I need to make more of them, but smaller.

I also repurposed a few neck cowls and shawls into neck warmers.  I love the neck cowls with matching beanie.  They are so warm, but light enough to wear all day.  

My husband bought me a drum carder and that has completely transformed how I will make some cobweb scarves in the future.

DownloadsI used the drum carder to make viscose batts for this cobweb scarf.  This was also the first time I made leaf tassels from prefelt.  The idea for making viscose batts came from Katerina Korshun.  I didn’t know it was possible until I watched one of her videos.  I make mine from the top of the drum though.  The rest of the design was my own.  Leaf tassels are not a new thing, but I hadn’t made them before.   I think the viscose batts are a game changer.  I ordered viscose in every color from DHG and this is a nice way of using colors you wouldn’t use normally.  In fact, I now have so much viscose that I needed to order more storage units. 

I also used silk hankies for the first time.  I used them on a leaf scarf tutorial by Katerina Korshun.  The tutorial is suitable for beginners and you end up with such a beautiful and lightweight scarf

These are made with merino wool and silk hankies with some bamboo and sari silk fibers for the veins.  These do require a fair amount of hankies, but I fortunately had enough for two scarves.  I made one a bit smaller than the other.  I’ve nearly run out of hankies, but I have some undyed ones from Wingham Wool Work ready for a dyeing day.  As I write this, neither Wingham or World of Wool currently have any silk hankies in stock.  The dyed ones I had purchased are quite expensive in comparison, but now that I am capable of dyeing them, I will only ever purchase undyed hankies to dye myself.  These scarves were the last two items I made in 2020.


10 thoughts on “2020 – A Year Of Scarves

  1. You’ve learnt a lot of techniques and been incredibly productive over the year Arlene. With so many hats and scarves I’m wondering what percentage of your makes you plan to keep for yourself?

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    1. I sold more on eBay than on Etsy in the last 3 years, so everything I make is for sale, but I do wear them occasionally so people can ask about them! 🙂

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      1. That’s interesting, I always think of Etsy when it comes to buying handcrafted items but I’ve not thought about crafters selling work on Ebay. Wearing your own creations is a good way of attracting sales and often works for me too….great way of getting free marketing!

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      2. I list on eBay when the listings are free and the fees are very low in comparison to Etsy. My items on Etsy are priced higher to compensate for free shipping and fees.

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  2. AGAIN I am so impressed by not just the number of items you created but how interesting and beautiful they are. I know that you probably aren’t interested in “my favorite”… but for some reason I like to tell you…. I love the blue green one with the orange starfish (looks like a starfish… small picture)

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    1. Thank you so much. I had stopped working mid-November and then we had lockdown, so I focused on making something every day, therefore being quite prolific. I love that scarf also with the starfish brooch. It is called network or grid felt and easy to do. I tend to write a blog post about everything I make if you are interested in learning how to do it.

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