French Scarf With Yarn – In White


This is my last French Scarf with yarns.  Seriously.  I have now made 5 of these.  They are addictive because they are quick to make.  Here are the others below.

The purple and green are the lightest and thinnest.  That is because I used fine mohair and alpaca wool and a very thin merino, like thread.  The blue one has a thicker hand spun yarn that gives more texture and is slightly heavier.  The gold scarf has a thicker yarn and a thin mohair blend. 

The white scarf was made with 100% merino yarn and white viscose and merino roving.  The yarn has a lot of white in it and I thought it would be better to use a white roving with it as the white would most likely dominate any other color of roving and peek through like it did a bit in the purple scarf.  I laid out the wool on one side only.  The white viscose makes it very shiny, but it is a bit difficult to tell in the photo.  Because the yarn is 100% wool, it shrunk quite quickly and made some really interesting textures.  This also makes the scarf feel a bit thicker than the others, though the spaces in-between the yarn are quite thin.  I have this yarn in another colorway, and will probably make another one.  It isn’t as bright and also has a lot of white in it.

These scarves can be made in a variety of ways, with or without yarns, with silk, viscose or other bling fibers.  They can be made according to the template shape below, or as a triangle (just fold over one edge).


They can be quite dense, such as the way I made them, or they can be made more loosely using less wool and viscose.  The wool content in the yarn will make a big difference also.  I found the template size to be just right for me, but I made a larger one out of flooring underlay for making them with wool and bling fibers only.  You are limited only by what you have available and your own imagination.

4 thoughts on “French Scarf With Yarn – In White

    1. Thanks Karen. Many people seemed to have problems with the sizing, but for me it worked out fine. I like a close fitting scarf, but this one doesn’t choke me, so the template is the right size, and I am no longer very thin! 🙂


  1. They all look fabulous and I’m sure the laying out of the yarn in swirls is satisfying. You have done a few posts now and my brain still can’t compute how that template makes those shapes when in the neck.

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    1. Thank you! It is worth watching the video I linked in the first post. If you look at the template you make a little loop at the long end and then pull through from the opposite corner. It’s a knack. This way is less bulky if just making a triangle.

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