2020 – A Year Of Hats

Wet Felted Hats 2020I made 16 hats in 2020!  That is a lot of hats.  I also repurposed or restyled some hats also. I am quite partial to the rosette beanie.  You can’t go wrong with a beanie.  Some of these hats are the result of online classes, such as the pink Fedora.  The most fun to make were the Festival Top Hats in blue and green.  We ended up in lockdown before we had a chance to wear them.  I sold one hat this year, but it was one I made in 2019 and restyled in 2020.  At least it went to a good home, the lady was really happy.

DownloadsThis hat reminds me of skiing for some weird reason, or France.

Hats can be tricky to sell as most people need to try them on.  My head is small and I have trouble finding hats that fit.  That is one reason to make your own. 🙂

4 thoughts on “2020 – A Year Of Hats

  1. WOW so impressed… 16 hats and all so different and amazing! I think from just the pictures you shared my favorite is the last gray/black hat (pictured alone) or the brown *bark hat in the group photo second from the right corner on bottom row… the top hats probably the most fun to wear… (Green would be great for st. Patricks day in USA!)

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    1. Thank you! I had some fails that got turned into cloches, which is an easy fix. The brown bark hat is actually quite fun to wear and very warm. I made the Festival hats for St Paddy’s day as the hubs is half Irish. Unfortunately we never got to wear them because of lockdown!

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