More French Scarves With Yarns

I have completed four of these scarves over a period of three days.  Here they all are and showing the different ways it can be worn.  Because they are reversible, it is like having two scarves in one.  

Wet Felted Scarves and Neck Warmers 2021

Wet Felted Scarves and Neck Warmers 2021-001

Wet Felted Scarves and Neck Warmers 2021-002

Wet Felted Scarves and Neck Warmers 2021-003

They started on a template like this.

IMG_0116You can see the paper template under the plastic.  I ended up making a more permanent template from flooring underlay as the paper was starting to deteriorate by the time I completed the third scarf.   I could have easily drawn on my tablecloth, and I might still do that as the second template I made is a little bit larger to include for shrinkage when only using wool without yarns.

My color choices have been determined by the colors of the yarns in my stash.  However, I noticed that my yarn got ‘lost’ because I was using similar colors even though I had texture.  With the gold scarf, I used a rust colored wool.  You can actually see the yarn pattern this time peeking through the viscose.  The possibilities are endless for creating a scarf like this.  They can be made with or without yarn, viscose instead of silk, square like this or triangular, more wool, less wool, more yarn, etc.  It is up to your imagination.  I am very grateful to our Russian feltmakers for sharing on YouTube.  It is so good to learn from others. 🙂

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