Wet Felted French Scarves With Yarn

I have completed two more French Scarves With Yarn.  If you didn’t see it before, here it is again.

Downloads-004Please read the previous post if you want to know how to make these.  It is very easy to do.  I found that some people had issues working out how to use the translator on YouTube, but it really isn’t difficult.  Also, you need to keep watching the video in order to get the template measurements.  This was a video of a conference where there was a free tutorial.  It may be in Russian, but if you are good at learning by watching others as I am, the language barrier shouldn’t be an issue, especially as some of the translation was a bit out there.  I might also have an edge as one of my first online classes with Lena Archbold was a scarf with yarns, before I learned about viscose and 19mic merino.  I used what I had.  I recently repurposed two of the shawls I had made in that class to make four neck scarves as below.

Downloads-031I repurposed these scarves before I came across the French Yarn scarf tutorial.  The technique is almost the same, except there is less wool in the French scarf and the design is different.  I am much happier with these above and you can see they are similar in size to the French scarf.  However, I think my go to method will now be along the lines of the French scarf as I really like the loop for fastening.  I made another one in blue and one in green.

IMG_0117For the yarns I used alpaca and cotton blend, superwash merino, a merino blend hand spun by one of my spinning guild friends, merino and viscose.  At the last minute, I added sari silk fibers to one side.  I used three layers of yarn on one side only.  The merino blend hand spun is quite sturdy and creates a lot of texture.  On the other side of the wool, I used two layers of yarn.


You can see there is a lot of texture here.  On the light side, you can see some of the sparkle from the merino blend yarn.  It is very subtle.  The viscose makes these scarves quite shiny and silky.  Unfortunately, the photos don’t really do justice to showing that.

IMG_0122I don’t have much green yarn in my stash and used a kid mohair silk blend and alpaca and cotton blend.  I also added other yarn bits and threads.  There is 19mic merino, viscose, sari silk fibers and a merino and bamboo blend.

Downloads-003I love this green combo!  I shall be making more of these as I really like this style.  I just want to point out that my scarves are very different to the ones on the video.  The ones in the video are a bit more loose and you can really see the yarn.  I made mine a bit more dense as I used a bit more wool and used viscose instead of silk.  However, mine are still very light and flexible.   I got 30% shrinkage and they weigh about 30g on average.  Most of the weight is in the yarn.  I will also try these without yarn as I am very limited with my yarn stash and colors.  I will need to make adjustments when laying out as I am thinking I would get more shrinkage without the yarn in the mix.

So, that is the first new thing I learned in this new year.  I shall be making more of these as they are so easy to do and I can make two in a day.  Thanks for stopping by!