Wet Felted Hats – Inspired By Bark


The hats are the last thing I made in the bark theme.  By the time I decided to make them, I had very little left of the wool and viscose batts.  It didn’t matter too much about the wool batt as you basically wouldn’t be seeing that as the hat would be covered in viscose.  The design for the hat above is this one below (which I sold).


The template is just a rectangle.  I made the bark hats the same way as I made the mittens and handwarmers, so they are very thin.  To compensate for the lack of viscose batts, I just took hanks of viscose and spread them out in layers to create the effect I wanted.  The hat was easy to make, and because it is thin, I was able to just fold a hem under the brim.  As this is mostly viscose, it is less itchy than having the wool touching your forehead.  This hat above is XS and fits me perfectly, but I cannot take a decent photo of me wearing it.  It is fun and reminds me of France for some weird reason.


This hat is slightly different and is one of my favorites.  It is a beanie with rosettes.  I have made these before.  This one, however is too big, size small, unlike the one below.


A lot of viscose is required for texture and to limit wool migration.  Carding the viscose on the drum carder gives such a lovely pattern when spreading it out for the layout.

Hopefully, I will be able to post the scarves soon.

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