Wet Felted Mittens and Handwarmers – Inspired By Bark

I thought I ought to get out at least one felting post before the New Year, just to show that I have actually been felting, though only on weekends.  I mentioned that I am working on a theme and a set.  I was hoping to show the set all in one go, but I am still working on a few final touches and also the weather has not been great for taking photos.

Since I made my Birch Tree Scarf, I was inspired to make a scarf, mitten and hat set in two colorways.  That meant making two complete sets.  I started with the scarves, and then I made mittens and hand warmers.  I must say that I didn’t take process photos of each item or each step.  However, everything started with the drum carder.

IMG_6918I have been carding wool and viscose (not together) to make batts for cobweb scarves.

IMG_6933To make things go more quickly, I made another set of mitten templates to make one pair of mittens and another pair for hand warmers and worked on them at the same time.  I also shortened these as not everyone likes long mitts.  Here they are after having been rolled.  I had carded up some fine merino wool in a batt of woodland colors and used them here as the top decorative layer.  These are palms facing up.  For the decorative side, I used carded viscose down the middle.

Downloads-001The viscose gives a nice texture.  I made the tops of the handwarmers long to cover the fingers if it is too cold.  There are a few ways to wear these handwarmers.


Here are the mittens.  They have a layer of viscose inside for decorative purposes and to also give them a bit of strength.  Both the mittens and handwarmers are thin, but warm, flexible, and durable.  I had ordered a kilo of superfine natural merino from DHG before Christmas and used that as my base color.  Here is how they turned out in the second colorway.

Downloads-007I made this set a bit longer on the arm.  Although the templates are the same size, I just used a wee bit more wool at the bottom of the template and didn’t shrink them as much in length as the brown ones.

Downloads-006I made these the same way as I made the brown set, except that I added a bit more viscose for the decoration on the top as I wanted to minimize any migration.  I used white viscose from World of Wool for the inside.  Although you can’t really tell, it is very shiny.  I love the way that no two items are alike and that is down to the carded batts.  Should also make it easier to work out which is left and right! 😉

So, you should have an idea of what my sets will look like.  More to come.

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    1. Thank you! The hubs bought the carder for me. However, you can do the same effect by hand, but it will take a lot longer. 🙂

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