Knitting Post, No Felting Until Further Notice

While I was in bed with vertigo, I decided to finish a knitting project.  I do know how to knit and I have made some very nice projects in my time before children (and blogging!).  Last year, I made myself a scarf, hat and hand warmer set.


I used an old scarf pattern that I got from the knitting store in NYC where I took some classes.  The pattern is called a sampler scarf as it was used to teach us how to read a pattern and learn different techniques such as cables, bobbles, raspberries, etc.  The first time I made a scarf with this pattern, it was in a red wool for the father of my children.  He used to wear it, but I found it a bit itchy.  The scarf is quite long and can be wrapped around your neck a few times.  I am not sure about copyright on this pattern as the store is no longer in business.  I would like to retype this and have it available for sharing.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

The yarn I used for my scarf  and hat set is not wool.  It is acrylic.  I bought two skeins of Colour Pool by Stylecraft to initially crochet a cowl, but I can’t get on with crochet instructions, so I made my sampler scarf, a hat (for the first time) and a simple pair of handwarmers.  I call it my dog walking set.  Because it is acrylic, I can just bung it in the washing machine. The handwarmers get especially dirty when playing with the dogs.  I made this before I started wet felting. I don’t wear the hat much as it is a wee bit too big, even though I made it small.  I should have started the decreases sooner.  Something to know for next time as I do like the hat.  I will most likely make a bobble for it and take it to the charity shop.   Because the yarn was on sale, I bought two more skeins in green in Sirdar Supersoft Aran for my daughter.  I knit the scarf, but never got around to making the hat.

While trawling the internet recently, I came across blog a post by Pam de Groot.  She is a well known felter.  She also spins some lovely and crazy art yarn that she knit into a scarf hat.  Apparently it is a thing, as I googled it and there are many free knitting patterns for making scarf hats or hooded cowls.  I thought I would revamp the scarf I knitted for my daughter and turn it into a scarf hat instead.  It is not a difficult thing to do.


Sorry about the very poor quality of this photo, but I took it before posting out to my daughter.  I basically folded the scarf in half and stitched the edges to the point on the neck where I wanted it.  I then added extra around the face by crocheting 4 rows of single crochet.  Because the edges were initially squared, I undid one end and decreased to make a point and added a button hole.


For the cast on end, it was a bit trickier as I had to cut.  There are videos on youtube on how to lengthen or shorten from the cast on end.  I then added three buttons; one in the middle to bring the hood right in under the neck and one on either side to bring the end of the scarf up to make the cowl.  The hat scarf can be worn a few different ways.


I added a bobble to the top of the hat, using a bobble maker.  I hadn’t used them before, but it is a lot easier than the cardboard method I learned when I was younger.  My daughter likes green and this was the only green I could find that would suit according to her instructions.  I would have preferred something a bit more variegated, but the girl gets what the girl wants.

I also made a pair of simple and easy hand warmers to go with the scarf hat.


I would make more of these types of scarf hats, but I would use an art yarn (wool) instead and make it shorter.  I would also make the hat part wider to make it look more like a hood and avoid knitting or crocheting extra around the face, but hey, I had to work with what I had.  I shall now do the same to the scarf I made for myself as I think I would wear it more often.  My daughter thinks that the hat part would be very good for babies and children and would be so easy to make.  Something to think about if I ever have grandchildren. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Knitting Post, No Felting Until Further Notice

  1. I would say regarding the cowl pattern that it would be ok to write up for your own purposes what you think the pattern is, but I wouldn’t share it on your blog or Ravelry or similar. I’m glad you managed to do something whilst you had vertigo. I hope it has passed now and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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    1. Thank you! Anyone can make a cowl from a scarf without a pattern. That was a bit of a no brainer. Well, it was for me anyway as I am good at copying things. As for the rest, I probably won’t share publicly. Merry Christmas to you also! 🙂


    1. Thank you! I finished one for myself. Nice to get more life out of something you don’t use much otherwise!


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