All Is Quiet On The Felting Front

Today I am sitting in bed with a bit of vertigo.  I have had this before, quite badly a few years ago, and one day of it last summer when we were in Spain.  It sucks.  I should be at work, but when I get up and move around I feel dizzy and nauseous, so I am in bed.  I realised I haven’t posted anything for quite some time.  I have been felting things, but only on the weekends.  I am making two sets that I am not sharing until they are completed.  It is unlike me not to share things when I make them, so the excitement is building up.   I am also working on some knitting projects on my lunch breaks and at home.  I might be able to finish those off while recovering in bed.  But no felting for now.  I have sold a few items off of my Etsy and eBay shops so things are looking up on the retail front.  There are many things on offer, so have a look.

I see a lot of people showing their Christmas makes and there are some interesting ones this year.  I have made only two different things this year.

IMG_6792I made this snowman using prefelt and roving.

IMG_6855I made nine of these Christmas stockings to give as gifts.  My decorations are pink and purple, so I will need to make one in those colors!

IMG_6954Here is one in-situ that I sent to a friend.  I made them large enough so that you could put things in them.  I shall make some more next year to sell now that my favorite people have one.

DownloadsThese are baubles that my friend’s mother-in-law made over 50 years ago!  I just had to share as they are so stunning!

IMG_0747I made these snow scene cards early in the year which are still for sale.  If they don’t sell I shall send to family next year.

Downloads2-008I made these little guys last year.  I sold some and the rest were sent to family.  They were easy and fun to make.  I think they are adorable. I got the idea from a Living Felt tutorial when I first started needle felting.

felting photos1-002I added a hat to a baby seal.  I think you can add a Santa hat to most anything to make it Christmasy!

I made these gnomes before Christmas last year.  I have Jingle Bell Gnome and Sedgewick the Winter Gnome.   I actually loved making the gnomes and have ideas for more.  Just need the time!

I do make my own Christmas cards every year.  I have a gel plate and I spend an afternoon printing cards for family and good friends.  Each one is different.  One year I made Christmas Trees with a home made stencil.


This year I made Christmas Baubles.  I bought some lovely stencils at a craft fair a few years ago and got two different bauble ones.

IMG_6966I will see what wooly leftovers I end up with next year that I can use for cards.  If there isn’t anything suitable, I shall print some more.

So, that’s it for now.  Hopefully I shall be well enough to carry on with some felting over the weekend. Keeping fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “All Is Quiet On The Felting Front

  1. So sorry to hear that you have vertigo – it’s debilitating for sure so we hope you soon recover.
    Your Christmas decorations and cards are a delight – thank you for sharing the photos.

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    1. Thank you, am much better today. I think that once you get it, it is something that might happen once in awhile. I thought I could nip it in the bud, but nah! So, I was ok lying down, and worked on a knitted scarf and wrote a blog post. I need things to do! I might actually get to finish my felting project this weekend!


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