Back At Work, No Time For Felting!

Well, I have now worked a full week.  Working for money is exhausting.  Especially admin work.  I am not used to sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. It hurts my eyes and soul.  However, I am very grateful to have an opportunity to earn money so that I won’t be poor and will be able to pay bills without eating into my savings.  Also, the people I am working with right now are very nice, so that makes things more bearable.  Although I have sold a few items recently, I haven’t been prolific enough to think about quitting my day job.  This last year may have been a bit of a challenge with regard to the finances due to covid, but I have had a huge opportunity to develop my felting skills.  One thing offsets the other somehow.  So, now that I am back to work for a while, felting is taking a back seat and I will be only making things on the weekends as well as dealing with everything else. It is good to have a full life and things to look forward to.

This time has also given me an opportunity to really think about what I want to make.  I like making small things like mittens and hand warmers, so I will most likely make more of those.

I will definitely be making more hats and scarves/neckwarmers.  I may start focusing on making sets with a theme.  I haven’t made a tea cosy or cafetière yet, so that is something to look forward to.  I have made placemat and coaster sets, but only for family so far.  There are so many things to try, but not a lot of time.


I am looking forward to the holidays where I will have some time off and will be able to felt to my heart’s content, walk the dogs and ease my soul.  In the meantime, I shall carry on and live for the weekends as I used to do before.

4 thoughts on “Back At Work, No Time For Felting!

    1. Admin work is tiring, but it pays bills, so it is a trade off. On the upside though, I sold some small things to a few of my colleagues, so there is something in that! I live for weekends now! 🙂

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