Free Felting Tutorials

I am a sucker for anything free and will always have a look.  So when Franziska from Felt Fairies in Ireland posted a link on Facebook to some free wet felting tutorials, I thought I would have a look and see what was on offer.

These courses are suitable for beginners.  Although I don’t consider myself a beginner, I am open to new ways of doing things.  After all, she makes lovely fairies.  The courses are on Teachable which I am already signed up to through other online tutors.  I signed up for the bracelet, flower, and bag tutorials as I already have equipment.  I started with the bracelet tutorial.  Although I am not a big bracelet wearer myself, people do like them, so I thought it might be a good idea to learn a new way of making them.  The tutorial covers two different ways of making a bracelet.  As I usually do, I watched the whole course first to get an idea of what was required.  Franziska has her own way of making felt that I wouldn’t have considered.  She also uses items in her feltmaking that I wouldn’t have considered either but actually make a lot of sense.  You don’t need much equipment or space to make any of the items in these tutorials.  I never thought of using craft foam as a resist.  I think I may still have some lying around.  It is certainly more sturdy than floor underlay for certain types of resists.  Franziska also uses merino batts in her felting.  Batts are great for making accessories and they also felt more quickly than roving.  She shows how to use both.

I then had a look at making a wet felted flower tutorial.  I already know how to make wet felted flowers, but I did learn something new here.  She makes a flower with the leaf already attached.  These are also made with batts, although you can use roving.  Franziska makes her flowers similar to the way I make them, but I had never before thought of adding the leaf at the same time, so I did learn a new way of making flowers that I shall try in the future.

Finally, I looked at the bag tutorial.  I have made bags similar to the ones in the tutorial.  These are my bags.


I actually like how she makes her little bag so I now have some ideas for future small bags, and there are other things I would do my usual way.  As Franziska says, there is no right or wrong way.  She has her way and I have mine and you have yours.  If it works and you get something great, then that is the way.  I didn’t make the bags above the same way as I tried from a book as the book was old and I added flaps.  My husband watched the bag video with me while we were having coffee in bed as it was pouring down with rain.  His mother was Irish and although the accent wasn’t quite the same he enjoyed listening to her.  He also pointed out that the template colors for the bag are the same as the Irish flag.  I never would have known that! 

At the time of writing this I thought I would point out that in the bracelet and flower videos, there are some issues with the sequencing of the tutorial and some of the information is not in the correct order.  I did send an email to Franziska so hopefully this will get rectified.  If you are a novice, this could be confusing and why I always recommend watching a tutorial from the beginning before getting stuck in as you could run into problems.  I like that these videos are free and they are inspiring enough to get one going with wet felting useful items from the beginning without too much pfaff.   Hopefully there will be more videos in the future, although they may not be free.  The videos themselves are straight forward, so you should have no problem making the items in the tutorials.  I definitely give these the thumbs up and recommend people have a look.

2 thoughts on “Free Felting Tutorials

  1. That is very nice of you to promote another felting artist. I would never have known about Franziska without your blog. I did look on her site for information about needle felting for her fairies but did not see any. Maybe I did not look far enough. Love our blog, keep up the good work. ~Donna

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    1. I see no reason not to share if someone works hard to make a tutorial that is easy to follow and where you get a nice result. If I take a course and I am not happy with it, I won’t say anything. I thought it was very kind of Franziska to make these video on the platform they are on as I am aware that there is a charge to the tutor for every person that signs up to the class even though they are free. It might have been more cost effective to just put them on youtube. So I may have done a disservice by promoting her!


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