Making Lace With Wool

What is lace?  According to Wikipedia, lace is ‘a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern, made by machine or by hand.’  Most lace is made with threads or wool and used as an embellishment to finish off garments.   Lace is considered to be very delicate, but it can also be quite strong.  It depends on how it is made and what it is made of.  In feltmaking, lace can be made by using a number of techniques and is not limited to only one.  The thing that connects them is the fact that there is either an open weave, holes or web like features.  Lace is also known as network felt.  This is not a new technique and might even be deemed as a bit old fashioned in some instances.  However, it does make for a light and airy felt.  I have made a number of lacy items using various techniques.  The reason I am writing about this is because I purchased a 3 month membership with Lena Archbold and the August and September lessons involved creating lace.  I feel that I have made a lot of lace or cobweb felt in the last year!  So, I shall share with you some of my creations and the different ways of making lacy felt.

IMG_5929This little white neck warmer is made with very fine felting batts made on the blending board.  When making batts on the board, you can get an extremely fine layout that you wouldn’t get by hand as you drag the roving across the board.  This creates a very fine open weaved and lacy felt.  It is very easy to accentuate holes.  This neck warmer is still well felted, but not hard.  I’ve made loads of these.  Another reason for this method is that you can use leftover wool.

Downloads2-001 This shawl was made with wool and yarns, and sari silk fibers.  I used what is known as a cloud layout where the fiber is pulled from the side of a tuft of roving and stretched out.  This method creates a very fine cobweb.  The yarn was sandwiched between two layers of merino in cloud layout and sari silk fibers on top.  The felting and fulling process creates holes and some were made.  I made 3 variations of this shawl.  This is also from one of Lena Archbold’s online classes.

Downloads-004These are the first network or grid scarves I made.  I find it incredible that something with a lot of holes can still be so warm.  This idea came from the book, Fabulous Felted Scarves.

IMG_0759This variation of a network scarf has yarn added to it.  I came up with it myself, but I am sure someone may have done this before.  I don’t think that there is a whole lot that is new in the feltosphere.

IMG_0596Another cobweb scarf made with roving spread out in one thin layer and with lots of bling fibers added to it.  I saw this technique on a Living Felt video, but it seems that this isn’t new either. 🙂

Downloads-001Nuno network felt with lace.  The lacy effect is created with viscose fibers. The network lace is created with wool rings.  You don’t need to use a grid pattern to create network felt.  From Lena Archbold’s August class using the botanical prints we made from the July class.

IMG_6647Cobweb lace created with wool rings sandwiched between viscose creates a sturdier lace.  Another variation from the August class.

IMG_0590This scarf is made with yarn only.  This is not a new thing, only new to me.  The scarf is so yummy and soft.  

I came across these methods from books and online classes.  I also read blogs.  There are so many ways of making felt and these are just some of those ways.  Thanks for reading. 🙂



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  1. Nice selection of scarves Arlene, I particularly like the pink and orange grid scarf with yarn. I taught this technique at my Belchford group last month and the ladies loved it! You’re right about them being warm….had to take my holey scarf off halfway through the dog walk this morning to avoid overheating!

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    1. Thanks Karen, I wore that same scarf this morning when I went to the supermarket as it is always chilly in there. I then had to take it off when I got home! 🙂

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