I said I wouldn’t, but I did!

I am so weak.  I vowed I wouldn’t buy any more wool until I used up my stash.  I thought that once I used up all of my 23 micron merino, I would only order the 18.5 micron in natural and dye it myself.  But then, World of Wool had a Woolly Wednesday with 10% off all natural fibers.  Plus, if you spend £50 you get an extra 5% off everything.  How could I pass that up?

IMG_6763Here is the undyed merino.  Did you know that they sell 14.5 micron merino?  It is twice the price of 18.5 micron, but I had to try some.   (It is sooo soft.)  So, the amount above does not add up to £50.  What did I do?  I ordered some Botany Lap Waste.  Botany Lap Waste is where a lot of my mystery fiber came from the first time I ordered it.

IMG_6761This time, I only ordered two bags.  I also told them at WOW that this wool was for felting, so no alpaca or superwash.  They can guarantee no alpaca, but no superwash.  I also asked them for bright colors as the last order contained a lot of neutrals and this is what I got in a 1kg bag.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.


Unfortunately, I only have one pack of corriedale tops in my stash to compare these with as I sold it to make room for merino.  I went on the WOW website to find out what the colors and blends were.  I got quite a lot of what I think is mostly merino.  I have some of the colors already to compare and this is what I came up with.  I am convinced I got mostly merino.  What I think is Shetland is quite coarse compared to the others.  In any event, I will need to make some samples to make sure that everything felts and that there is no superwash in there.  I was told that it looks and feels the same as merino or corriedale, so better safe than sorry.  I know that a lot of spinners will buy Botany Lap waste as it may not matter much to them what they are spinning as they will usually blend on a blending board or drum carder to make art batts for colorful yarns.  In fact, I recently saw a post on one of the spinning groups on FaceBook where someone did just that.  So, it is a thing.  I just need to learn how to spin so I can use up that alpaca I got in the last batch of Lap Waste!

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