Wet Felting Mini Clothes

I shared my mini-me with one of the wet felting groups on Facebook and someone suggested that she needed a hat.  So, I made one.  The first hat wouldn’t shrink the way I wanted. I used three layers.  I measured as I would for an adult’s hat.  I don’t have a photo of it.  There is nothing nice about it.  I shall call it my test hat. (This is why one should always make samples!)

I made some adjustments to the template and made it smaller in width.  This time I only used 2 layers of wool with some sari silk fibers.  At the same time I made a scarf with the same color of commercial pre-felt from Wingham.


The prefelt stretched and even after it was felted, it was too long, so I cut it to size.  The hat came out better and I like that I was able to get a little dome at the top.  You have to remember that although the mini-me is made on a resist, it isn’t 100% 3D.  It is flattish.  I also gave the doll a brighter lip color as I thought she was looking a bit pale and anaemic. 

Since the weather is a bit chilly, I thought I would make a vest for her.  I haven’t made any type of vest before, so this was a new thing for me.  I decided to use prefelt and made a rectangle.  When it was ready, I measured and cut out the armholes.  There is a tutorial on Living Felt on how to felt clothes for dolls.  It is basically the same as for people, but small.  Here she is with her vest on.

I made a little flower brooch from the leftover scarf material.  It is only about an inch wide.  She can also wear the brooch in her hat.

I am quite pleased with how the accessories turned out. Now that she has some clothes and lipstick, I feel that she resembles me more. 🙂

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