Two Asymmetrical Bags With Flaps – Part 2


Warning: This post has a lot of photos for a change!  Here are my two asymmetrical bags with flaps all completed.  I added grommets to the side of the bags.  This meant I needed to make sure that the cords would be thick enough, as they weren’t in the previous bags I made and which is why they were stitched on.

Why bags with flaps?  Why not?  This way I get to practice making flaps and it also gives a bit more security to the bag.

I used grey natural merino with viscose for decoration.  The viscose gives the bag a nice sheen and lustre.  The inside of the bag is lined with what I think is Corriedale, but it could also be something else.  In any case, it felts really well.  I used a magnetic button for the closure and the button on the outside is just decorative.   There is also a pocket.


It isn’t so easy taking a photo one handed with an I-phone. The bag is very sturdy.  I thought it would make a great man bag as well as a bag for ladies.  The bag is about 7.5 inches x 10 inches and is big enough to hold a few items, like keys, phone and even dog treats.  I came across a little problem with the flap as the bag was laid out with the decoration side on the inside, so when it came time to take out the resist and felt the flap together, it didn’t really want to do that, so it is only partly felted on the flap and I had to stitch it closed.  The mystery fiber felted quicker than the merino side.

I have a lot of yellow in my stash and wanted to use them.  I looked to my Analogous color wheel for inspiration.  It is not like your normal color wheel and the colors that came up for yellow as the primary were orange and green.  My green choices are very slim at the moment as I am now left with pastels, but I was lucky enough to find a nice yellow green.  The rust is just the right shade also and goes really well with the yarn.  I used the same magnetic button closure.  This one also has a pocket.


The inside of the bag is loganberry which is a deep rusty berry red.  I used a bit of homespun on the flap.  The flap on this bag felted really well together so it didn’t require any stitching.  This bag is also 7.5 x 10 inches.  I can’t decide which bag I like best as they are so different.  Here they are side by side.

4 thoughts on “Two Asymmetrical Bags With Flaps – Part 2

  1. It’s unlike me to favour something colourful over a grey option but I do like the orange/green bag best. I love making bags but it’s been a few months since I’ve done one ….. you’ve set me off again!

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    1. Thanks Karen, I usually go for color, but I like the shiny viscose in the grey. I was also going for a Unisex look. Do men still use bags? 🙂

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