WIP: Wet Felted Bags With Flaps

I am not a big bag maker.  Meaning,  I haven’t made that many bags.  Though I would like to make a big bag.  One was an accidental bag that started as a cafetière cozy, then turned into a hat, and now it is a bag.  Here it is below. 

IMG_6670 I like making small bags and I thought I would like to try making a couple of  small bags like the asymmetrical bags I recently made, but with flaps.  So I added extra to the template.

IMG_6730I don’t have any process photos as this was taken as inspiration from a book.  I decided to make one bag in neutral grey merino for the outside with what I think could be corriedale, or some other mystery fiber, for the inside.  In any case, it is wool.  I thought as it was grey, it could also be used as a man bag.  🙂  The other one is made with yellow, rust and green merino with loganberry on the inside.  I thought I would decorate the pocket this time.

IMG_6732Here they are waiting to be rinsed and dried.  You can’t tell here, but the grey is a bit shiny as I had added silver viscose on top.  Also, the colors are more vibrant on the other bag.  Once they are dry, I will use grommets to attach the straps and there will be a magnetic closure.  The button is for decoration only.

I have been taking my time with my projects lately as I have been on dog duty while my husband has been doing some work.  So, I might layout my work  and wet it out one day, and then the next day I might finish it off.  I have been so used to finishing off everything in one go, but since Covid has been dragging on, I no longer feel in a hurry and it gives me time to do other things, like bake a cake! 

I shall post again once the bags are completed.  Making felt ropes is not my favorite thing, so that will be done another day!