Network Felted Scarf With Lace – A Third Way!


Here is my third, and probably last, network felted scarf with lace. This piece of botanical printed silk is probably my favorite of all the ones I have made so far. It was made with leaves dipped in iron and then had an acid dye blanket on top.


I chose a lilac merino in 21micron as that is the finest I have that would go with this scarf as I was going to completely felt one side of it.  The color of the wool can have a huge impact in the final design, and I didn’t want to lose the print, so I used a lighter color than the scarf  as I didn’t have a finer micron in the right pink.  I did use the pink that matched the scarf (before felting) for some of the rings as microns really don’t matter so much for the network.  You can see that the light wool toned down the pink in the finished product.  I then used two shades of viscose on top of the wool.  Here is a close-up below.

IMG_6662Although you can’t really tell here, the viscose is quite shiny and soft with some added texture.  The viscose was extended over the rings to make the lace.  I used a combination of three different online classes to make this scarf, all by Lena Archbold.  This is why it is a good reason to watch videos, take classes and read books.  What you learn can be applied to other things.

This shawl was the same length as the purple one I recently made when I laid it out.  However, felting the back of the silk made the item shrink more and it isn’t as light and floaty as the others.  It feels more cozy, but still light.  If one wanted, it can also be used as a table runner, but I think it is really too nice for that.  Here they all are.

I am now finished with making network felted scarves with lace. I am still not sure how I feel about this technique as there were issues felting the rings onto the silk, but the final outcome is quite lovely. It is not a quick and easy project, that is certain, but I am glad that I have done it and there are other ways that I haven’t even tried yet! Now all I need to do is make some brooch closures and I can put this chapter behind me! 🙂