Another Nuno Felted Network Scarf With Lace


I found this lovely silk scarf in the charity shop for £1.50!  I would have been happy to wear the scarf on its own as I love the colors and the water color effect.  I made this scarf in a similar fashion as the pink one, except that I made it a little bit shorter and narrower.  The silk scarf is a little bit heavier than the Margilan gauze.  I think it is a pongee type.

What I did differently is that I put viscose fibers down in a cloud layout before I put the rings down.  Then I put a very fine layer of viscose on top with some sari silk fibers.

Downloads-002Here you can see the thicker layout of viscose.

IMG_6647Here is a close-up of the thin viscose and silk side.  Everything is well felted together without being hard.  Although the wool did attach to the silk, there were some parts that did not attach well.  I rubbed, rolled and sanded.  I have come to the conclusion that this technique is not my favorite way of attaching wool to silk.  I ended up using the embellishing machine to attach all of the rings to the silk as everything else was stuck to each other.

I have one more method to try before I totally make up my mind with this technique.  In any event, it shall be listed in my Facebook Shop.  I think I will be listing most new items there for the time being as it doesn’t seem to be paying to sell on Etsy at the moment.  I recently sold a scarf for £38 that was being shipped to Australia.  Shipping was extra, and in spite of all that, and after fees and tax, I am only getting £37.  So I essentially lost out on shipping.  It doesn’t help that the postage rates have gone up considerably since Covid-19 made an appearance.  I have had to make the tough decision to only ship to the UK for free where the cost has been added to the price of my items.

I am happy to ship abroad, but only if I am contacted directly.  I can accept a few different types of payment as I also have Sumup and can take card or bank payments.  Sorry if I digressed, but that Etsy thing really irked me!  Anyway, hope you like this scarf. 🙂

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  1. Hi, is there a typo in your last section? You say you sold a scarf for £38 and only made £37 on it after taxes etc… I thought selling on Etsy you’d lose more than just £1? So I suspect the original price has a typo in and it was sold for more money?? I could be wrong but losing £1 doesn’t seem too bad.


      1. Thank you and Yes, I have free shipping in the UK, but this went to Australia, so shipping was extra which they pay for. I also had to pay tax, so that is what I got at the end. I have now revised all of my sales to UK shipping only. I have a Facebook shop, so I am willing to send abroad, but only from there as I know all the funds will go into my account and why I list some items at a slightly lower cost than on Etsy. 🙂

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