Felting Books on CDs

I am always on the lookout for felting books.  At the back of Felt Magazine, there are reviews of books.  Some of them are only available to purchase in Australia.  Trust me, I’ve done searches.  There are many talented felters in Australia.  I don’t know if it is the weather or the access to that lovely merino wool that we used to rear in the UK.  In any event, one of the names that comes up often is Liz Evans.  If you Google her, you will get a lot of information.  I recently purchased two of her books that are being sold by Wendy Bailye on Etsy.  Wendy is also a feltmaker and instructor for over 20 years.

I purchased 126 Tips For Feltmakers and Layers for Feltmakers, by Liz Evans.  The books are in PDF format on a CD.  The files are quite large, but it is possible to copy them from the CD onto your computer.  I happen to have a laptop with a built in CD player, so that was a good option for me.  It is also possible to just print off sections as required.

il_794xN.732488371_eryq126 Tips is great if you are just starting out.  Although I haven’t been wet felting for very long, just over a year, I have to say that I personally didn’t get as much out of this book as I had hoped I would.  Perhaps I have done so much in such a short time, I had acquired a lot of information already, therefore many of the tips for me were things I already knew.  I will say though that using your ironing board as an extension to your table or to put things on is a good tip.  The book covers everything from equipment, layout, color combinations and a host of other things.  There is a lot of useful information here.

il_794xN.732489907_menuI was particularly looking forward to Layers for Feltmakers as I had seen snippets in Felt Magazine.  I found this book more useful for me as it has a lot of ideas for making felt and layering wool.   Although it does cover some things I already know how to do, it can take your feltmaking to the next level by trying what you know and applying it in a different way.  This is not a project based book, but there is enough information for the experienced feltmaker to try something new.  I particularly liked the section on edges.  To sum this book up, it is a book of tips for those who know how to make felt.  It should inspire you.