Nuno Felted Network Scarf With Lace

I wasn’t going to felt anything for a few days, but then I cleared the dining room table and had a tidy up.  The empty table was calling out to me.  I have previously mentioned that I purchased a three month membership with Lena Archbold for online classes.  The first month was printing with botanicals.  I made a load of samples and dyed a lot of Margilan Silk.  Then the weather took a turn for the worse and we had some rain and a lot of wind, so there was no botanical printing for a couple of weeks.  The second month of my membership is called ‘A Simple Way to Create Felted Lace’.  This class incorporates the prints we made in the previous class or it can be used with any type of silk or even without silk.  I went through my stash of samples and this is what we now have as below.


I used four different colors of pink merino, some viscose fibers in light and dark pink and a green, and sari silk fibers in pale pink.  I haven’t felted with this type of silk before, so it will be interesting to see how this method of felting on thin silk edges holds up.  It took a lot of sanding and rubbing to get the wool rings to stick to the silk, and to each other – which is more than I expected.  It could be an issue with the shape of the wool. I used a variety of microns and it was the same for all.  I might need to go over a few areas with the embellishing machine.  Although I have made some network felted scarves before, it is not my favorite method of making a scarf as it can take a while for the wool to attach as it can have a mind of its own sometimes.  I also tend to use thicker pieces of wool.

In any event, I have two other methods from the class to try should I be so inclined.  One of the benefits of taking a class is that you can apply what you learned to other projects.  I already have experience making network felted scarves that are quite sturdy, such as the one below.  This one has the addition of yarn running through it.  You could also add viscose to make lace.  Making network felt is not a new thing and has been around for quite some time.  What is new is that I had made rings instead of working on a grid.


I have also made a scarf with only yarn as below.


This one is quite yummy and soft. The lacy effect is from the mohair/silk yarn that was used on both sides to sandwich in the wool yarn. This came about from a combination of something I read and from a different online class I did with Lena for making scarves with yarns.  I would happily make another one of these into a triangular shawl.  This is a clear example of how you can use what you learned from one class for a completely different project.

My table is clear again, so I will attempt to finish off some projects that need a bit of tweaking.  I also have another online class to start from RuFelt Online that has been sitting on the back burner.  All to be revealed in due course. 🙂

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