Nuno Felted Brooches and Wrist Cuffs

I’ve taken a break from wet felting for the time being. I think I have over done it on the felting front as I have had a lot of free time since December. I’ve had a go at botanical printing. I realize that is only the tip of the iceberg as far as printing with plants is concerned. Something to delve into further in the future.

Since I made the wrist cuffs from the tutorial in Felt Magazine, I was of two minds about them. They were a learning curve for me, but I wasn’t convinced they would be something I would want to really take further. So, I decided to update the Etsy Shop and my Facebook Shop instead. I always check Etsy to see how much others are selling their items for and price accordingly. I don’t know how anyone can make money with the fees and tax when selling at a really low price. I also look at quality. I will usually offer items for a bit less on my Facebook Shop as I don’t end up paying lots of extra fees. Since updating Etsy with new stock and renewing older stock, I have sold an item to Australia. Postage prices have gone up this year, so I will need to update my charges. Also, items are taking a long time to ship abroad. I sent my brother a small parcel to the USA and the cheapest way wouldn’t get there until the end of October, which is actually too late for his birthday. I have decided to list new items from now with only Free UK Shipping. I ordered something from Australia on Etsy over three weeks ago and am still waiting. This Covid-19 has a lot to answer for.

So, what does this have to do with making brooches and wrist cuffs? Well, I went through all of my stock when going through my listings and decided I wasn’t happy with some items. I put them aside to figure out what to do with them. I had two neck cowls that weren’t doing anything for me. There wasn’t anything wrong with them; they were well felted and I liked the colors and textures. However, I had to ask myself if I would wear it or buy it and the answer was no. Sometimes one has to be ruthless and blatantly honest. It doesn’t really bother me to do that as I have made many items since I made the ones below and I have improved my skill set and have acquired more information.

These are the two neck cowls that I wanted to re-work. I had one in light pink and one in shades of purple. They are nuno felted with merino, viscose and sari silk fibers. The texture on them is really lovely and the fabric side is soft and snuggly. I cut them on the fabric join and cut strips 2.5 inches wide by 27cm long. I know that is an unusual way to measure, but that is how I did it. I saved some of the fabric to make brooches. Below is what we got.

These have a removeable brooch
With and without free motion embroidery

Because the material was already felted as far as I wanted it to go, the only thing I really needed to do was cut them to a reasonable length and width. I started with the light pink. My first one was going to be my sample, so I used a matching pink thread and overlocked the edges. Although the material is well felted to the wool, the cut edges of the fabric frayed and is why I stitched them. I then got out my new free motion foot and tried making spirals on a scrap. It worked so I made some spirals on the cuff. They are very subtle. Sort of like white on white, but it is pink on pink. I then added a button hole. I hadn’t done button holes on the sewing machine before, so I did one on scrap fabric. It turned out ok, so I trimmed all the edges and I finished the first cuff. You can see it in the last photo above. My wrist measures 19cm around and I made sure that there was enough room for adjustment for those with larger wrists. The button can be moved. The wrist cuffs are surprisingly light and very comfortable. I would actually wear these as it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything. They would also keep your wrists warm. I made six of these: 2 pink on pink, 2 dark pink on pink, and 2 plain as I really like the texture of these and like plain things. Afterwards, I made brooches with the leftover fabric using the same technique.

I thought the cuffs would look nice with a matching brooch, so when I started on the purple cuffs, I made some smaller brooches to go on them. I have three like that. I made 5 more plain ones. I didn’t add any free motion stitching to them as there is more color variation with the purple and I didn’t want to cover up the lovely texture. Besides, I can only do spirals at the moment with the free motion stitching. I can get a bit bored doing the same thing over and over. Heh! I did go into production mode when making these, but I am very good now with the overlocking zig-zag stitch and button holes.

I have another long scarf that I am not entirely happy with and I will try and figure out what to do with it. I’ve had enough of making wrist cuffs for the time being! If I leave things out long enough a thought will eventually pop into my head. I have lots of little things to tidy up with some of my makes like making brooches, stitching hat bands, etc. Felting can wait, but I am not going anywhere right now, so that is ok. 🙂