Wet Felted Wrist Cuff – Part 2

So what does one do when your first try doesn’t go according to plan?  You try again.  I view every make as an experiment, especially when doing something for the first time.  My first wet felted wrist cuff was too big and I didn’t want to ruin it by over felting and having the wool migrate up through the silk too much.  Although I have large hands, I have quite dainty wrists.  If I do wear bracelets, they need to have a clasp on them and they are usually dainty.

I went back to my instructions and adjusted the size of my base to make it smaller and narrower.  I then added some silk prefelts and wool prefelts.  On the wool prefelts, I added some sari silk fibers on top.

This time I used a lime green base. I knew that it would tone the colors down a bit. For the future, should I make these again, I would stick to a similar color as the pre-felts as the colors would be brighter.  Here is the new cuff.  You can see the difference in size!


And this is the layout.


I laid out my prefelts differently to the first one.  I used one piece to go across each end by the closures as I found that the prefelts took a long time to stick down in those areas when I used 2 smaller pieces.  I also like the prefelts with the sari silk fibers on top.  If you don’t have silk fabric in the colors you want or need, then you can make a prefelt with your bling fibers, like viscose or sari silk, or whatever you have instead.  There are so many possibilities.

I have learned a lot in the few days I have been making these cuffs.  I made silk prefelt which I haven’t done before.  I learned that you can get a very nice effect with prefelt and sari silk fibers.  I learned a new way to make a closure.  This will come in very handy when making bags and eyeglass cases.  I made something pretty that someone might wear.  I am grateful for the tutorial and the people that share skills.  Now I can make something that would be more in my style.

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