Wet Felted Wrist Cuff

I might have mentioned that I now have a digital subscription to Felt Magazine which is published in Australia.  There are many interesting articles and projects to try.  One of the projects in the latest issue (23) is making felt wrist cuffs.  Christianna Ferguson has posted her project on how she makes them using silk prefelts.  It is very generous of felters to share how they make things.  I thought I would try making one of these as it would tick off a couple of boxes as 1) I haven’t made silk prefelts before and 2) I have never made a wrist cuff before.

To be honest, I am generally not a big fan of felted jewellery.  I like brooches, but they tend to have a more practical aspect for me, such as being a closure for a scarf or neck warmer.  I wouldn’t wear a felted necklace, ring or earrings.  I only wear bracelets when going out as they bother me when I am typing on the computer at work.  I suppose a wrist cuff would be less irritating.  I would have to try it and see.


I used 4 different colors for the base: Coral, cobalt, pale pink and lilac.  I used some of my charity shop finds and some Margilan Silk Gauze Sparse that was a fail in my printing experiment.  It is pink and the most amazing thing is how it changes color depending on the colored wool under it.  You can see in the upper left corner what it looks like on top of coral and in the center of the lower right section it is pink.

I didn’t take any process photos of the project as I just followed along as best as I could.  Besides, if you want to know how to make this it is worth getting a copy of the magazine.


I used a combination of my silk prefelts and some wool prefelts.  When it was finished I added some stitching on the wool sections.  The trickiest part to make were the ‘buttons’.  Otherwise, this is not a difficult project.  However, I was not able to shrink it down to fit my wrist even though I used the measurements for my wrist size.  There was a fair amount of migration coming up through the silk and I didn’t want to ruin it by over felting even though I was gentle with my rolling.  So, instead of it being 19cm long, it is 22cm.  I have tiny wrists.  I will need to try this again and adjust the size of the base.  I would also do the layout a bit differently.

I have a fair amount of the silk prefelt leftover which should come in handy when making other projects.  You can use them on anything.  It all depends on your imagination!

3 thoughts on “Wet Felted Wrist Cuff

  1. Completely understand about your over-felting concern. There’s a fine line in the felting process that’s too easy to cross then there’s no going back!

    They are so pretty that it’s a shame they don’t fit you.

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    1. Thank you! It is one of those things that is trial and error. I made another one that does fit. I made my base a bit smaller and that made a big difference. These cuffs need to be felted well and I got less migration through the silk, so all is good now. Will need to post an update! 🙂


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