To Cut or Not To Cut!

I am talking about edges here! When I shared my coasters and placemats on some Facebook groups, I had quite a few people asking me about my edges and how I did them or did I cut them?  I did not cut them, I rolled them very carefully.  Learning how to felt a straight edge takes time and practice.  I have learned how to do them by taking online classes where the tutor has given tips on how to make straight edges.  I cannot share that with you.  I can say that I use a bamboo mat to help me sometimes – I figured that one out myself.  Why am I talking about this now?  Because I reworked a couple of pieces and I cut one.  I was thinking I might use the pieces below to make a cosy for my cafetière, but after re-felting them, they were too small.  I then thought I might make them into wrist cuffs, but I decided that would be too awkward and would make some from scratch instead.

I made these two pieces in April and wrote about them here.  This was an experiment with mosaics and were a WIP.   I was more interested in the process, rather than what the pieces would ultimately be used for.  It was an interesting process and I am glad that I did it as I learned many things, but I am not so sure I would want to repeat the exercise.  I had no real intention for the design except that it would be abstract and that for every piece of purple, I would add a green next to it.  Here is what they look like now.




I added some more stitching on them and re-felted the pieces to make them smaller.  The one on the left is about 12×12 inches and the one on the right is now 11×12 inches.  It took me about an hour to re-felt and work on the edges of the one on the left.  I also removed some wool that was on top of some of the sari silk ribbons to expose the fabric underneath.

You can see the edges are much straighter now and the wool is tighter.  I have a very nice hard felt.

Try as I might, I was never going to get a strait edge here, so I just focused on getting the piece a bit smaller and making the wool nice and tight.  It was always going to be difficult to get a straight edge because these were mosaic pre-felts and not laid out in any traditional way, and some pieces were quite thick as I used some leftovers from other projects.  I then cut the edges with a rotary cutter and healed the edges. I really like them now and they remind me of abstract landscapes.  I thought they would look nice framed.

I found a website where you can buy frames and mounts and see how your work would look in a frame.  This isn’t how I would actually frame them as I would put them in a box frame, unmounted, but you get the idea.  These pictures above are for reference only.  I have decided to sell them unframed and they will be available in my Facebook shop once they are approved by the FB gods.  I think they would be great as a pair.  There is contrast between the two, where the one on the left looks soft and natural and the other is crisp and sharp.  Does anyone else cut their work?

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  1. Interesting post Arlene (and very pretty pieces). We often don’t cut but sometimes the piece calls for it doesn’t it?

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    1. Thank you, and yes, sometimes it does! If I had more intention, it probably wouldn’t have been necessary. I am so glad that the felting police aren’t after me! 🙂


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