Botanical Printing With Acid Dyes – Method 2

I tried Method 2 of my Botanical Printing with Acid Dyes from Lena Archbold’s online course.  This is what I got so far.

IMG_6451This was made using Margilan Silk Gauze that was pre-dyed with some bright pink.  I used Sycamore leaves.  I can’t tell you what else I did, but you can see that compared to Method 1 below, I have more leaf definition.  I followed a tip from Patricia Spark.  She is a font of information.

IMG_6441Method 1

IMG_6453Here is a close-up of Method 2.

I also made another sample.

IMG_6457This sample of silk was also pre-dyed a very pale pink.  However, when working with  the instructions for Method 2 from the online course, the color of my silk went a little bit orange.  I also do not have as much definition on the leaves as on the first scarf, except for the leaves from the plant I picked that I do not know the name of.  Because of the color change, I used more acid dye in magenta.

IMG_6442This plant gave great color and definition, but only from the dry leaves. I wish I knew the name of it.  I had a bucket full of leaves in water to keep them fresh.  Part of this plant was dry and I used both dry and wet leaves.  The wet leaves didn’t give as much definition as the dry ones.

IMG_6458Here is a close-up.  You can see on the edge where the color went orange.  It is interesting to know this happened in case I want to replicate as I like the contrast in color.  I also used beech leaves in the center and some leaves of the other plant I don’t know the name of.


While my samples were steaming, I decided to dye up the rest of the Margilan Silk Gauze Sparse (AKA Rarified).  I had some turquoise and bright pink (Magenta) left over and decided to add some yellow to see what kind of green and orange I would get.

IMG_6450I dyed up some bright yellow, got 3 shades of green from the green and got 3 shades of orange from the orange.  One of the darker orange pieces of silk is just Margilan Gauze and I will use that as a base for Method 3, which I shall attempt this weekend.  I will show you the outcome when all is dry.  My husband has dibs on the dining room table as he needs to sew new seats for our outside  director’s chairs. So I won’t be crafting for a couple of days.  I also need to get more leaves for printing!





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    1. That one is my favorite so far! I used an iron blanket on top of the leaves. The second one was dipped in iron first. I think it makes a big difference using the blanket. Glad to be of inspiration. I think we are starting a trend! 🙂

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