On a Roller Coaster!

I haven’t actually been on a roller coaster recently, although I do love them!  However, over the last few weeks I have been making small items, mostly coasters and placemats.


These are all made with natural edges, meaning that there are no cuts.  I have been asked how I got my shapes and I just had to say with careful rolling.  And there certainly is a lot of rolling involved.  You need to roll when it is on the resist, and when it is off of the resist.  If you want a nice hard felt, you need to roll, and not much else.  The coasters don’t take a lot of time to make, but the placemats certainly do.  After making the second set of placemats, I revisited the size of my template and made some adjustments.  It is smaller now.  The brown mats are quite thick in comparison to the green ones and took a very long time to shrink to the size I wanted.  I needed to take some breaks.   Sometimes the staples vary on certain colors and it can be a challenge to get a superfine layout on the 23 micron wool.  I have to say that I didn’t weigh out my wool.  I didn’t think it is an issue for this type of product and most of my pieces seem to be consistent in weight and thickness.  I have developed a good eye and feel for the wool.

I have used 4 layers of 23 micron merino from World of Wool laid out quite thin in traditional layout.  Making coasters is a good way to use up leftover bits of wool.  I did that with the blue ones.  The rest are made with what I have in my stash, which is quite a lot of 23 mic merino in many colors.  I loved the design on the brown mats and coasters so much that I wanted to replicate that in different colors on a base of mist (limited edition), and is what is on the back of the brown mats.  I prefer the square ones as the templates are a bit larger for the design, but I think they all turned out quite well.


I bought 500g of the merino mist as it was on offer and thought it would be great for some hats.  I have just over 100g left of this, so I can still make a hat from it.  It is a lovely neutral – not quite gray and not quite brown.  I have used it in a scarf as below.


WOW no longer sell this color mist, but they do have a similar (though I think it is the same) color called mink.  I always kept referring to it as mink anyway.

So that is it on the coaster front, for now.  I will be starting a botanical printing class with Lena Archbold.  I purchased a 3 month membership which reduces the price of the classes considerably, and as I paid in one go, I will have unlimited access.  The classes that follow the botanical print class are meant to be related and should expand on what we have learned.  Botanical printing is something I have always wanted to try, so the timing is good on this one.  I just need to go to the woods and collect some leaves!