Autumnal Wet Felted Coasters and Placemats

I know we are still in the height of summer, but it has felt a bit autumnal lately with all the rain and the temperature dropping.  As I had made some coasters and placemats for my daughter, it is only fair that I made some for her twin brother.  I went out of my comfort zone with colors as I know my son likes neutrals and naturals.   I have a lot of yellows and oranges mainly for accents and to kick myself up the butt to try working with colors other than pink and purple and blue, so I thought I would add some of those to the brown.  I have made some lovely hats and scarves with brights, but not so much with brown.  Before I moved to the seaside, my house was full of beige and brown, and I have moved away from all of those colors now.


Here is what I went for in the end.  I had 100g of merino chocolate that I needed to stretch for 4 coasters and placemats.  I also had about 500g of merino mist (limited edition) which I keep calling mink.  It is a neutral, not quite gray, but grayish – it goes with everything.  (I have plenty left over, so will make some more coasters with that.)  I used that as the base color for one side and one layer on the decoration side.  I then blended some mink, rust and chocolate and laid out a very fine layer horizontally and then added another very fine layer of chocolate on top of that.  The idea was to mimic a forest floor, which is not just one color.  I wanted to add leaves as a decoration, but not any kind of leaf, so I went into my stash and pulled out about 8 colors to make leaf shapes.  The great thing about brown is that it goes with everything as it is made up of all the colors.  I could have gone with blues or pinks and still would have looked good.


Here we are, all finished.  I ended up with about 5.5 layers of wool and the rolling took a very long time, especially on the mats.  I didn’t use as many layers on the coaster, only 4.  The mats are quite thick and measure approximately 10.5 x 12.5 inches – the coasters are 4.5 inches square.  I still need to give them a good steam.  The edges are not perfectly straight as the decoration kept pulling the wool inwards, so no matter how much I tried, I was not able to get a perfectly straight edge as I did with the previous placemats I made.  I have worked on them as much as I could until they won’t shrink down anymore.  Saying all that, the edges have grown on me.  The colors migrated nicely and subtly into the brown so it is not one solid color.

I am quite pleased with the way they turned out.  Even my husband likes them.  Although he pretty much likes everything I make, he particularly likes these as they are not ‘girly’!  I just hope the boy likes them too!

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