Two More Felting Books

I might just be covered with all the books I need for felting, for now.  I recently acquired Filz Spiel and Filz Geschichten by Annette Quentin-Stoll.  These books are small but packed with a lot of information and detailed projects.  The photographs are very good and you can easily look at them and work out how to do them.  I happen to speak a bit of German, but you can also use an app to translate if you needed to.  Both of these books offer techniques for texture and interesting design that can be used for anything.  I was very happy sitting in the garden one afternoon looking at the lovely photos.  I will most likely try some of the exercises once I am finished with the projects I currently have on the go.  I am looking forward to trying something new without it being project based.  I will list these two on my Books page.

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