Wet Felted Pink Eyeglass/Sunglass Cases

2020-07-20 14.16.37

You have seen the blue cases before, I am currently using one which I keep in my handbag.  It is smaller than the case that came with the glasses, but the glasses fit, so we’re good.  If anyone asks, I can say I made it and give them one of my cards! 🙂

As I had used up most of my leftover blue roving, I went on to pink.  I have a considerable amount of 23 micron merino roving in many colors as I had placed a large order after Christmas during a sale.  I have made scarves with them that are lovely and soft and I like making hats with them as you get a nice sturdy hat.  The heavier micron is also good for placemats and coasters and for anything that you want that is tough and hardwearing.  Saying that, everything I have made is still very light and flexible.  I decided to use some of the pink.  I used Raspberry from World of Wool.  The color is very vibrant, more so than the Raspberry I purchased from DHG.  For the case on the top left of the photo I used some leftover mauve color on the inside and just raspberry on the outside.  The mauve migrated and toned down the bright color a little bit.  For the case on the right, I used raspberry with a pale pink on top.  I left part of the flap in raspberry as I wanted to add a button for decoration and didn’t want the pale pink to distract.  I used the 8cm flex frame to make a coin purse as I am keeping the 10cm ones for eyeglass cases.  Making the purse was actually more time consuming as it is half the size of the glasses case and difficult to get one’s fingers inside the flex frame opening than for the larger width of 10cm.  I used the last of some mauve and hot pink with pale pink for decoration.  I think it is quite cute, especially with the button.  I am pretty much a big fan of letting the beauty of the wool and design speak for itself, but I thought some buttons were in order for the pink ones.  My daughter has already blagged the pink one on the right!