Wet Felted Coasters and Placemats

I have been a bit quiet on social media as I have been busy making small things. It takes almost as much time to make something small as it does a larger piece.  I thought I would make coasters.  There is a free tutorial on Rufelt Online on how to make them. (They also have a Facebook page.) Making coasters is a great way of using leftover wool.  As I still have a lot of 23micron merino to hand, I have plenty of colors to choose from.  I thought I would start with blues.


I made these the same size as one of my own coasters, which is approximately 4 inches in circumference.  I used a variety of blue merino and a little bit of tussah silk fibers.  It doesn’t take long to make coasters.  I started with blue as I had been working with blue for eyeglass cases previously and I wanted to finish up the scraps.

I then moved onto pink.  I have a lot of pink in various shades.

Downloads-002I used World of Wool’s Raspberry merino in 23mic with Rose and another very pale pink.  The WOW Raspberry is very vibrant, more so than the raspberry I have from DHG.  I left the back plain.  I then moved onto making squares.

Downloads-003Squares are easier to shape than circles.  I used the raspberry with rose.  It doesn’t show up as well in the photos, but the rose is a pinky orange color that blends nicely with the raspberry.  It is very subtle.

My daughter has decided she would like an eyeglass case and some coasters. (I’m still waiting for her to send me a template of her hand for a pair of mittens!)  With birthdays and Christmas coming up, I thought why not, and I’ll make some placemats to go with the coasters too!  I know she likes green and she gave me some hints on color.  This is what I came up with.

2020-07-19 11.50.00

I started with the coasters.  I used merino, merino with rainbow nylon mix (Glitzy range from World of Wool) and merino with bamboo.  I didn’t have enough of the teal for the four placemats, and I needed to improvise with other colors for the inside layers.  The decoration is only on one side.  The placemats took a long time to felt down.  I only rolled and rubbed to shrink them, and that was very time consuming.  However, I have a nice firm felt that is strong and not hairy.  I would say to make 4 placemats was the equivalent to making 4 hats in the amount of time it took to make them.  I spent one whole afternoon just laying and wetting out the wool and 2 afternoons sanding, rubbing and rolling.  My arms got a good workout.  The placemats are approximately 9×12 inches – just a bit larger than my own that I used for reference.  I could have made them smaller (it would have probably taken another few hours for all of them), but I like the slightly larger size.  I have now used up most of my darker greens and am left with the pastel greens.  Considering the amount of time and effort it took to make the placemats, I really can’t justify making these to sell.  So, if anyone gets a set of coasters with matching placemats from me, it is truly a labor of love.

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