Wet Felted Trilby – Raspberry Ripple

So, having completed mittens and hand warmers/fingerless gloves quite successfully, I thought I would revisit making hats.  I mentioned that I have signed up with RuFelt Online.  Once you sign up and buy a course, you then have access to some free material – some are lectures and some are small projects.  You will also have access to the special monthly offers, such as the lantern project, but they might be at a higher rate.  There is a class for making hats.  The video is not long or very detailed as there is an assumption that you know how to wet felt and that you may have made a hat or a vessel before, so if you want a step by step hand-holding class, that won’t happen here.  She shows you a bit and then comes back to you when she has finished.  Do you really need to watch someone layout each layer or roll over 400 rolls?  In any event, you learn a very different way of hat making than what you may be used to.  It is worth watching the video first, as I always do, to get an idea of what you may be doing.  I watched it twice and then on the third time I also made notes that I can print off.  That is time consuming as I take snippets from the video that I add with the notes for each stage.  When I am finished, I can print off and refer to the notes.  Sometimes I will go back and look at parts of the video for certain things, but once I have completed a project, I rarely need to look at the videos again.  This is my learning process.


The hat came out better than expected.  If I would change anything, it would have been to keep the height of the crown a little bit higher – maybe next time.  This is a very sturdy hat that fits me perfectly.  I have an extremely small head for a person of my size!  I didn’t want to go too crazy with decoration on the hat as I wanted it to be mainly about the color and the wool.  I have quite a lot of this Raspberry pink roving.  In February I started with 500g and now have about 200g left (plenty to make a pair of mittens for my daughter).  I also used sari silk fibers for the decoration.  I decided to make a ‘hat band’ as my design.  I also used some fibers for underneath the brim.  I am debating as to whether I should add a pin to it.  I will make one anyway, but am not sure I will use it as I quite like the simplicity of the hat as is.

I chose to make a trilby as the pink makes the masculine style a bit more feminine.  I also have a lot of cloche hats, though this will probably be for sale at some point.  You can make any style of hat from the resist I made.  I will most definitely re-use the resist with a couple of modifications.  I can add more to the resist for a hat with a wider brim.  I learned some new tips and tricks that will now become part of my repertoire in felting.  If you want to change the way you make hats or learn something new, then buy this class as it is very good value for money.

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    1. Thank you! I am very partial to these masculine styles or a cloche! I like having a brim as it means I can wear my glasses or sunglasses!


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