Wet Felted Handwarmers – Raspberry Ripple

I know many people like hand warmers, fingerless gloves or gauntlets, whatever.  I knitted a pair that I use for dog walking, but it doesn’t have a thumb and my hands can get cold.  I had made a pair of handwarmers for my daughter for Christmas, but I thought I could do better. You can see that these are a bit small for me as I have large hands, but they fit her no problem.


As I had some success in making a nice pair of mittens, I thought I would try making some fingerless gloves or hand warmers.

Downloads-001I call these Raspberry Ripple as they are made with 19mic merino in Raspberry, viscose, and sari silk fibers.  Firstly, these are still damp in the photo.  We are having a wet and windy weekend here on the coast and the temperature has dropped.  I have been wanting to put the heating on, but can’t on principle!  So, these mitts will take some time to dry!  I may need to get my electric airer out to dry them.

I used the same template for the mittens.  The only thing I did differently, apart from decoration, was to lay out the wool up to the curve of the top of the mitt and the thumb.  I kept the top of the gloves longer so that it could be folded up if it got too cold.  The inside of the glove has a very thin layer of viscose which makes it silky and shiny.  You can’t see the shine here on the folded edge, but it will be noticeable when it is dry.  The viscose is the same color as the wool.  I also needed to trim off part of the thumb as they were a little bit too long, but I would rather have them too long to start with than too short.

These were also fun to make and I will most certainly make another pair for myself for dog walking, probably in blue!

4 thoughts on “Wet Felted Handwarmers – Raspberry Ripple

  1. These look great, so useful but pretty too. They have been on my list of things to give a go at one of our felting group days. I just can’t seem to find my felting mojo at the moment, so I’m enjoying your posts in the meantime.

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    1. Thank you! I see you have been busy with other things! It is good to get away from some hobbies while focusing on another for a little while! These were my first proper try. They match a pink hat I made! 🙂


  2. Fingerless gloves are great for keeping your hands warm when you have to have your fingers free to deal with some cold weather tasks.
    Your raspberry ripple warmers will be very useful (and they’re pretty).

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    1. Thank you! They would be good in the office when it is cold! I’ve seen a few of the ladies at work wearing fingerless gloves!


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