Wet Felted Mittens – First Pair

These are the first pair of wet felted mittens I have ever made and I thoroughly enjoyed making them, so they won’t be the last pair. I don’t have process photos as these are not my original idea for layout, apart from color and decoration.  I did follow a tutorial.  There are many online tutorials for mittens, gloves and hand warmers.  I followed a tutorial from RufeltOnline.  I made some minor modifications to the size as I wanted them to be longer.  I can always fold them up to make a cuff.  I made these with 19mic merino, viscose on the inside and sari silk fibers for the outside.

2020-07-03 08.02.05

These are still a bit damp when I took the photo this morning.  I used contrasting silk fibers as I have run out of red sari silk.  This makes me a little bit sad as the red silk is lovely.  This is a blue with turquoise and other colors that I usually use with my ocean colors.  There is also some gold thread in there.  I used more silk on the top of the mitten, partly to differentiate between top and bottom of the mitten and because the bottom will get more wear.  I also wanted the piece to be textured and you can see the little bumps the silk fiber makes.  Although you can’t see the viscose, I used a bright red, it is there to help strengthen the fabric as this is only a very thin layer of merino.  It also feels silky on the inside.

2020-07-03 09.51.02

I know it is hard to imagine that you could get this small mitten from this big a template.  I wouldn’t have believed it either if I didn’t watch the videos first!  Because there is only one layer of 19mic wool, it shrinks quite a lot and quite quickly.  When I make my next pair of mittens, I will keep the ratio a bit smaller so I don’t have to work too much to get them to the correct size.  I have big hands, but mostly in the palms, and my wrists are quite dainty, so I do need a snug fit where I can still get my hands in the mitts.  I have plenty of room to move my fingers and bend my hand and the thumb is very comfortable also.  The mitts are sturdy, flexible and soft, everything you want in a mitten.  I made a pair of hand warmers last year for my daughter, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with them though they fit her.  I might try making another pair of those with the same template for the mitts and just stop my layout at the curve of the mitt and thumb.  Those can always be trimmed down if too long or the finger area can be folded down. That will most likely be my next project until I get the measurements for my daughter’s hands as she would like a pair of mittens in pink. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Wet Felted Mittens – First Pair

  1. The template seems huge doesn’t it? The finished mittens are lovely and the thumbs are so neat. They will be cosy and warm in the winter.

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    1. Compared to the mittens the template is certainly big, but it is at a ratio of 2.0. There is only one layer of wool in a herringbone layout, and at 19mic that shrinks down so much. You really notice it when you start the kneading process. Also, making it large makes it easier for shaping. They are very cosy and not heavy. I shall be making more. 🙂


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