This One Is For The Birds


I found a space for another pod, and as nice things come in threes (I like to think positive), I thought this one would be for the birds as it is in a more bird friendly part of the garden (meaning, away from cats).  I also made the hole bigger so a bird could actually get into it.  Made with some leftover mystery batt that felted up nicely in my other pod, and the rest is all Corriedale slivers from the World of Wool Galaxy range.  I used up some greens and I had this lovely pink/orange that I put around the edges.  It didn’t shrink as much as the others, but I did use a lot of layers as I wanted it really sturdy.  I hope the birds like it!

2 thoughts on “This One Is For The Birds

    1. It is a bit late for nesting, but you never know. I just fancied something pretty for the garden and I love the shape of these! 🙂


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