Sea and Sunset – A Wall Hanging

I finally completed my wall hanging!  I am so happy with it even though it was a lot of hard work.

IMG_6288Approximately 41 x 25 inches

I have only ever made a couple of wool paintings considering I have been painting for the last 10 years.  I thought it would be a nice progression, to paint with wool instead of paint.  It would be less messy too!  But I have never really got on with it because of the free motion stitching!  But doh! – you don’t need to stitch your wool paintings to make them interesting!

If you have been following me on Facebook or reading this blog, you will know that this all came about because I wanted to spin with some wool I had.  That lead to felting a sample, then dying the wool, and here we are now, with a completed painting.  I actually worked on this painting over a period of three days, but the whole process probably took about a week if you include all of the steps.  It still isn’t finished as I now need to buy some stabilizer and sew a back to it for hanging.

Here is what the back looks like.


The piece only shrunk 5 inches either side and that took a very long time.  I wouldn’t say that this painting is completely fully felted, and even though it is very sturdy, it could be fulled some more. However, it is not going to come apart and as it is a wall hanging, I don’t need it felted any more. It would make a great rug, and if it was going to be a rug, I would full it even more to make it really hard, like the sample I made.  However, the sample had only 2 layers and this has about 4.  It was hard enough felting down the 2 layers, let alone 4!


I used mostly the English 56’s with some Corriedale slivers.  The white is merino with some silk and viscose.  In the sea I have some locks, string, sari silk fibers and I used some felted leftovers for texture in between the layers.  I hand blended the colors to make the variations in the sky.  I still have enough wool left over to make another painting!  It will be a lot smaller though!

Thoughts on English 56’s tops:

First of all, I purchased this wool when I just started wet felting after reading a blog post. It was also extremely inexpensive, so I bought 500g of it. Sometimes one needs to try things.  After felting with it, I would say that it would make a good base for a rug as it is very sturdy.  However, it will take a lot of hard work for rubbing and rolling.  In this instance, I would definitely use the sander.  The roving takes up dye very well.  Combined with Scandinavian batts from Wingham Wool Work, you would get a nice sturdy rug.  The wool is a little bit hairy, so I wouldn’t use it for handbags, but it could be good for boots or vessels.  My biggest surprise is how well it felted and knitted together without disturbing my decoration.  So, would I purchase it again?  Only if I were going to make a rug as it would be an inexpensive option, and I would only use two, maybe three layers at the most.

In any event, I nearly exhausted 500g of wool and am making a dent in my wool stash.  I can start focusing on making pods for the garden next! 🙂


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    1. Thank you! The black is actually a Corriedale sliver in purple with a little bit of black in from the World of Wool Galaxy collection. It comes out black in the photo. So I am very happy that it actually looks like a dark purple sky as in my photos! 🙂


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