Niddy Noddy – What is it?

A Niddy Noddy is a tool used to make skeins from yarn. It consists of a central bar, with crossbars at each end, offset from each other by 90°.  You can probably use a chair, but winding your spun and plied yarn will be easier on a Niddy Noddy.  They are mostly made of wood, but some are made of plastic or metal.  You can even make your own. There are very interesting designs to look at.   The thing about a Niddy Noddy is that they can be bulky to store.  I haven’t posted a photo of the more traditional one as I don’t want to breach copyright, but you can google them.

This is the one I purchased below.  Here I wound some yarn I was practicing with on the wheel.  It was already spun and left on one of the bobbins, but I needed some yarn to practice with and so I spun it some more.  As my husband is doing maintenance on the spinning wheel, I needed to remove the yarn off the bobbins to clean the inside of them.  Please don’t judge my spinning as I have only just started.  It turns out that as the machine hasn’t been used or maintained for many years, it was inevitable that there were going to be issues with the spinning.  It is great to have someone handy other than myself around the house! 


This Niddy Noddy is collapsible and came in a little bag.  There are many styles of Niddy Noddys available and the prices vary considerably.  This one is small which is great for the small amounts of art yarn I want to make.  It is the one yard size and I purchased it on eBay.   It came in a little bag that makes it easy to store flat and since I don’t have much storage space, that is great for me.  Being the forward thinker that I am (and forever positive) I thought I might eventually want a large one.  I actually didn’t need another Niddy Noddy, just a larger shaft.  I contacted Treneyn Crafts and asked if they could make a larger shaft and I sent them a photo for reference.  No problem!  So this is what I have now.

IMG_6218I basically have two Niddy Noddys for the price of one!

This is very sturdy and well made and hopefully it should last a lifetime.  What I also like is that I was able to contribute to a small, family run business, especially during these trying times.  So, when I eventually get really good at spinning I shall acquire a wheel for traveling that I can take in the campervan and I won’t have to worry about how I can store my Niddy Noddy!

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