Wet Felted Blue Frilly Scarf


They say that practice makes perfect and I am convinced that is true.  Here is my latest frilly scarf layout in 21mic merino in cerulean blue and 23mic merino in white. I have sparingly used sari silk fibers in the centre.  I was going for an ocean look.


Here is a closeup. The white fibers did exactly as I wanted them to.  I love how they went all squiggly, like silk.  It just proves that you really don’t need fancy fibers to get effects.  This has convinced me not to purchase anymore silk fibers in the future, except for sari silk, which is a waste product.  I love all of the different colored threads that you can get in sari silk fibers.  I also love that you can laminate wool with sari silk fibers.  The thing you have to remember though is that it will bleed and you need to make sure your piece is thoroughly rinsed out.

I am so happy with how this scarf turned out.  I ended up with more frills and I really love the color.  The 19mic merino is still very soft.  This piece weighs approximately 77g, so not heavy at all.  The edges and centre are quite lacy, but with no holes.  It is sturdy and well felted.  I tried it on and it looks really lovely.

I am quite addicted to making these and getting them right.  They don’t take long to make either, especially as I now know what to do.  I plan on making one in every color.  The next one will be a little skinnier and I will be using 23mic merino.  Someone posted a lovely nuno felted frilly scarf with an extra layer of frills.  I may have to try doing that!  Maybe on the next one!

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