Wet Felting Frilly Scarves

Although I consider myself a sporty person rather than a frilly person, I really do like a frilly scarf.


This is the first nuno felted frilly scarf I made.  It is so pretty and feminine.  I sold it to an acquaintance from work on Christmas Day!  I have seen nuno felted frilly scarves where the silk is on top of wool in the center and the wool edges are frilly.  There are videos on YouTube, but I haven’t found them comprehensive enough.  I fancied making a frilly scarf to match the stained glass nuno felted hat I made recently.  However, before I just went for it, I thought I would make a sample first.

Here is my layout.  I used 19mic merino in a deep red and added sari silk fibers on one side and viscose fibers on the other side.  I used whatever information I was able to glean off of YouTube and blogs to work out how to layout the wool.  I used 2 layers of wool and bling fibers on top.

Although the scarf looks fine, I had some issues on the edges where they ended up folding up on themselves on the viscose side.  I also found the frills to be too lacy and spent a fair amount of time trying to gently close up the gaps.  I probably didn’t have enough wool right on the edge.  It is a very soft scarf due to the fine merino.

IMG_6181This is the viscose side that I laid out first.  You can see what I mean about the edge folding in on itself in the lower right hand corner.

IMG_6182This is the sari silk side.  I have two colors of silk here, a red and a pink.  The red is almost the same color as the wool.  Thinking I could do better, I went and made another scarf in 19 micron wool only.  Here is the layout.


I still used only two layers of wool in a deep coral, but I made sure that there was a little extra added to the edges.  I topped this very thinly with a variegated roving in 19 micron.  You can see the little bits of yellow in there.  I laid this out a little bit narrower than the first one.


I also fulled this scarf differently.  To avoid having the edges roll on themselves, I used a fulling tool to make sure that didn’t happen and to close up any gaps in the lacy edge.  The edges are still thin and lacy, but I feel that the little bit of extra wool made a difference, if not a huge one.


The photos really don’t do the scarf justice and the variegated wool is a little bit difficult to see.  I am really pleased with how this one turned out and it really didn’t take that long to make.  It weighs only 68 grams and is very soft.  Using the fulling tool made a big difference to the edges also, so I decided to revisit the first scarf and have a go at getting the folds out.  A fair amount of hot water, soap and rubbing was required, but it looks a lot better now and is currently drying on the line.  Although these are supposed to be samples, I really like the length of them and will be making more.  I currently have a blue one on the table. 🙂


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