Stained Glass Nuno Felted Pink Hat

I can make a hat on my table without extending the leaves!  It has been a little while since I actually made a hat and I was itching to go.  A lady on one of the FB groups posted a photo of a hat she made from a tutorial in Felt Magazine, issue 17.  I thought it looked interesting and so bought a digital copy and printed out the tutorial.  I actually ended up buying about 6 issues and now have a subscription!  They make very good reading.


I had two silk scarves that I don’t really wear.  I used to wear them together.  They have the same colors, but different designs.  The scarves are quite narrow and that made them nice to wear together.  I thought I would use them to make this nuno felted hat.  I had merino in 19mic in a lovely pink.  Here I am trying out the design.  I used prefelt ribbon for the stained glass effect.  This was my first time using it.


This hat is supposed to be a concertina hat which is why the resist is so tall.  Although I tried to follow the instructions faithfully, I didn’t make the same size resist.  In fact, there was no instruction on how to work out the size of resist the author used.  I basically used an A1 piece of paper to make the template which was smaller than what the author used, bearing in mind I have a small head anyway.  Here is my wool layout, only two thin layers.  I did measure out the wool as suggested.  I don’t have any process photos of the silk layout as I think since I paid for the magazine, you can do the same if you want to know how to make this.  I didn’t have any plain dyed silk for some relief in the design, so I used viscose instead.  It was a risk that paid off.

One good tip I will share is that the author used shelf liner, the open weave kind, to aid with felting and fulling.  I used it to sit on top of the piece once the silk was all laid out.  When I used the sander, the piece didn’t move.  Sometimes you get movement with plastic when sanding and this didn’t happen as the shelf liner is anti-skid and I have bubble wrap on my sander.  I shall be using this method more often.


As you can see, the hat has shrunk considerably during the fulling stage.  I was a bit concerned at first about using only two layers as I like a sturdy hat.  You really do need to full it to a nice firm felt.  It took a long time as I needed to be gentle due to the silk.  I wanted a brim and since I had extra room on the top for the folds, I fulled the piece down to my head size above where the brim was going to be.  That is why the shape of my hat is different from the resist.  When I got to this stage I left the hat to finish the next day as I needed the table and I was a bit tired.

Here I have the hat drying outside on a breezy day.  This wig form is what I use to make hats for myself as it is small.  It also clips on the table, so is useful for craft fairs or when making multiple hats.  I have two more of these in other sizes and they are not very expensive.  I did try the hat on during the folding stage.  Although you can see the material, you don’t really see much of the actual design.  I think I shall make a smaller template next time and just go for a cloche without folds so that the design can be appreciated more.

Once the hat was dry, I gave the brim an iron with a bit of spray starch as I didn’t want it to be too floppy.  I have bought some hat stiffener, but I thought I would try the starch first if it didn’t work the way I wanted it to.  Fortunately it did the trick.  The brim is not sticky and you wouldn’t even know I used the starch if I didn’t tell you.


Sorry about the quality of the photos, but my camera wasn’t liking the light this morning.  You can wear the hat any way you like, but I like it this way.  I have a little crown on the top of the hat.   It is very light and would be suitable for an outdoor event even this time of year.  I used only 40g of wool, not including the silk, viscose and pre-felt.  The brim is great as I can wear my glasses with this hat and it keeps the sun out of my eyes.  I’m thinking I may need to make a matching scarf with the leftover pieces of silk! 🙂

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