Fedora Hat – WIP

Since I’ve cleaned up my work space AKA The Dining Room, I have been enjoying the room more.  It looks more spacious and feels calm.  I decided that I would no longer start a project at the end of the day!  That meant we had to eat elsewhere and therefore it wasn’t always a good thing.  If I decide to make something big, like a scarf or shawl, I would need to work on it early and then fold/roll it up if I didn’t finish.  That way I could put the work aside and be able to eat at the dining table.  I have been focusing on doing smallish things in the meantime so I don’t have to extend the table leaves.


In early March, I decided to make a black Fedora for the hubs.   Here is the layout above.  I am working inside out.  I used 2 layers of merino batt for the outside (first layer) and soft merino tops for the inside.  My hubs is bald, so I wanted something nice and soft against his head.  I don’t have any other progress photos for this hat.  I felted the hat to size, but I wasn’t happy with it when it was dry as it felt too soft.  So I just left it until I could work out what to do with it.  This week I re-wet the hat and fulled it some more to shrink it and make it hard.  You need a hard felt for this type of hat.  It took a lot of work of rolling and rubbing, but I got it to the size I wanted.

I do have a Fedora hat shaper, but it is in my size.  I also have polystyrene hat blocks in 4 sizes (but they don’t make one in mine!) that I purchased here.   You don’t actually need a hat shaper to make a Fedora.  For the hubs, I used the hat block in his size, but I used the hat shaper as a template for the brim.  I shaped the hat with a steam iron after it was dry.

I bought some hat stiffener from Etsy a while back and I will be using it on this hat as I want a stiffer brim and top.  I also need to make a hat band and get some trim around the hat brim, but I can’t seem to source brim ribbon at the moment.  I will need to wait until the haberdashers reopen.  So, although the hat is basically, complete, it isn’t quite and will be just sitting around until I can do the final touches.



4 thoughts on “Fedora Hat – WIP

  1. It’s amazing just how much fulling a hat needs isn’t it? Well done for persevering – the hat looks great!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I am learning that when you think it is done, it probably isn’t for these type of hats! It is amazing how much it will shrink!


  2. I’ve only ever made one hat, and it was such hard work I vowed I would never do it again! But I do wear it a lot in winter, so once the memory of the pain has passed I may give it another go. 😉

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    1. Heh! Yes, hat making is hard work, especially if you want a nice hardwearing felt. I just made a nuno felted hat with only two layers of wool and although it required a fair amount of fulling to get it nice and firm, the hardest part was in the layout! 🙂


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