Network Felted Scarf with Yarns


Here is the layout of my network felted scarf with yarns.  I did this on Monday.  The grid pattern on the table cloth is great for working on and especially good for grids.  I first laid out the horizontal lines, then added merino yarn and then kid mohair yarn, and finally the vertical lines.  This did take a couple of hours.  I used the whole length of the table, which is about 6 feet long.  I also laid out each bit of roving piece by piece instead of in strips.  I had tried strips before, but I had some issues with it the first time and this way works out really well, although it is a bit time consuming.  In hindsight (and more experience) I think the problem I could have had before was because I used some old wool.  I had to leave the work for a day as I had done my bi-monthly grocery shop and that completely wiped me out, so there was no felting on Tuesday.  On Wednesday I checked my layout and added some extra bits of wool here and there before wetting out.  I gave it a rub and then used the sander.  I checked to make sure it was ok and then left it for another day.  I find that when using chunkier yarns, it pays to leave it wet for a bit so the yarns can soak up the soap solution.  On Thursday I looked at the piece again and did some more rubbing with the net and plastic gloves. Then came the sick-making part.  Was it going to hold together?  I always find this stage of making network felt terrifying as it looks so fragile.  So I picked up one end and started to palm the piece.  It was holding together.  I did this with plastic gloves on.  After doing one side, I turned it over and did the other side.  Everything was stuck together and I had some nice holes with yarn going through.  I squeezed out most of the water and popped the scarf in the microwave to warm it up.  Then I tossed it around a few times and watched it start to shrink.  I did this procedure a few times, palming, nuking, throwing.  There was no rolling involved.  Here it is all finished and pressed.

I love how the yarns attached themselves to the merino.

The scarf is very light and perfect for Spring.  You can even pull one end through a hole (just be careful!) to keep it connected.  Or, you can wear it with a brooch.


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