Landscape Painting With the Embellisher

I wanted to try something new (how unusual!) and use my embellishing machine some more.  I have a few books on felting and embellishing.  This experiment is from the book Creative Embellishing by Teresa Searle.  I am going to say that this book is great for ideas.  You can use pretty much any fabric with the embellisher as long as it is fairly thin.  I tried using it with quilting cotton, but it wouldn’t stick to the felt.  I may have to wash it first and see if that helps.  I have a stash of silk, but I am saving them for a shawl.  It is what I call my good silk, even though I got them from a charity shop.

I do have some material that I am not so precious about.  I also recently found some muslin that I had purchased when I was doing a lot of printing.  I think I have a couple of meters of it.  I was also going to use it in some mixed media projects.  I should probably dye some.  I even used some of my very nice Margilan silk gauze.  I need to dye some of that too.  When we are allowed to go shopping again, I shall be hitting the charity shops looking for interesting fabrics.  Unlike with felting, you don’t need to use pure silk or viscose with the embellisher.

As my supplies are limited, this is what I made.  I will say right now that this is very much like the demo – more or less.  I did try to change things up as best as I could.


I used a piece of white acrylic felt, 9×12 inches, that I had lying around.  I also used grey wool felt from World of Wool, silk and cotton muslin, some shiny material in blue, merino tops, and thread.  I learned some interesting techniques.  This is supposed to be a snow scene.  It is more like a snow scene where I live as the snow never really lasts that long.  I added a few extra details to this and then mounted it onto a thin 9×12 inch canvas I had painted in a very, very, very pale blue around the edges and white on the inside.  The paint offers more protection to the canvas as it is only covered in gesso.


Here it is mounted to the canvas.  You can just about see the pale blue around the top edge.  It actually works well with the blue for the sky.  I wouldn’t normally mount a painting like this on canvas because of dust issues, but I don’t have a frame with a mount the right size.  If I were to do this again, I would mark out the felt to show my edge and adjust the details and stitching accordingly.  This type of piece is very flat and would work quite well in a frame.  The only downside to framing with a mount is that you lose your interesting edges, so I am really happy with how this turned out.  I used 4 pieces of carpet tape to adhere the painting to the canvas.  If it is good enough for carpet, it should be sturdy enough for this little painting.

I had some material left over and used them to make cards (a suggestion in the book).


I cut a piece of A4 size white felt in half lengthways and made a strip landscape with the leftover pieces I had used in the larger piece, except the blue.  I also added some extra threads from my stash.  I took apart some findings I bought at the haberdashers and used the glue gun to stick them on as little sparkly moons.  I added some more stitching, cut 4 pieces, and used double sided tape to stick them onto 6×6 inch card stock.  I now have 4 cards I can sell at a craft fair or send out at Christmas.  This is a really nice way of using any leftover felt or material as you don’t really need to make anything in particular.

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