I mentioned that I am trying to use up my stash.  I think it might take some time as I did a big order after Christmas and before lockdown.  I am a big sucker for pretty colors.  If I had room, I would have every single color.  I still look on the wool websites.  I have a wish list at World of Wool which currently has 71 items in there.  Sometimes it is difficult to really tell what the colors are like until you get them in your hand.  Then when you get them you either think ‘why did I get this color?, or, I love this, I should have bought more’.  I thought I would show you what is currently in my stash.  I mostly have merino now since I sold off most of my needle felting wool.  I mainly buy my wool from World of Wool and DHG in Italy and only when there is a sale.  But now I am not buying anything.  All of the wool below was purchased from World of Wool except E and F which came from DHG.


A.  Glitzy Mallard is merino mixed with rainbow nylon.  It is very sparkly.  It is a teal color so can easily be used with green and blues.

B.  Citrus – I love this color as it is quite vibrant.  I have used it with other greens in a scarf and quite a bit of it in a hat.  I also used it in my wall hanging.


C.  Sage – This is not a very exciting color on its own,  but I like to add it with other greens.

D.  Lichen – An earthy green that goes well with other greens, yellows and browns.

E.  Ireland – very similar in color to Mallard Glitzy but without the glitz.  Will go with some blues that have green in them.

F.  Caipirinha – anything named after a drink must be nice!  This green is a nice blend of Citrus and Sage.

G.  Forest – this is my favorite green and what you see above is all I have left.  I will definitely be stocking up on this green once I am back at work and earning again.  I made a lovely scarf for my daughter in this green.  Here it is with sari silk fibers added to it.  This is the green you should think of when thinking of secondary colors.


H.  Mint – It is more green than aqua.  I haven’t used it yet.  It doesn’t go very well with the other greens except maybe Ireland or Citrus.

It is very useful to have a color wheel for color combination inspiration. Pinterest is also a good source of inspiration for color combos. Since I started wet felting, I am more inclined to make items in analogous colors, meaning colors next to each other on the color wheel.  They seem to be the most harmonious and relaxing.  Many people like that as it is safe.  I am slowly changing that around.  When it comes to accessories, like hats and scarves, some people like to have a bit of contrast.

Green goes with any color.  It sits between yellow and blue on the color wheel.  Look at nature and green is everywhere.  The countryside is mainly green and blue.  Green grass and blue skies are not so interesting to paint on their own, but as an artist you have license to change it up.  Green looks especially good with purple and pink.  You just need the right green.  A tree or any other shrubbery is not just one color of green.

As my green supply gets exhausted, I will need to find new colors to use them with.  I have already used the greens with some brown for the wall hanging that was supposed to be a scarf.  I have some green pre-felt drying that will be used with purples.  I just need to get the colors out next to each other to see what will work.

I also have ‘other’ green fibers in my stash that I haven’t shown.  These are what I call accent or luxury fibers.  I have some similar colors above in viscose.  I also have a little bit of sari silk fiber and some yarns.  My favorite go to luxury fibers are viscose and sari silk, mainly as they are not so expensive but they feel nice.  I am trying to keep my supply simple.

Here are some items I have made using green.

Next time I will talk about blue-green.